Month: September 2019

In memory of international personhood advocate, Dr. Patricia McEwen

By guest blogger Jay Rogers — Dr. Patricia McEwen’s life legacy is profound. She was a sidewalk counselor, a pro-life missionary to many nations, an advocate for Christian refugees, the co-founder of Personhood Florida, and a tireless, sacrificial witness for the dignity of every human being, born and pre-born. Pat passed away after a decade-long cancer battle Thursday, September 12th in Africa, where her heart was.

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Personhood: Multiple fronts on the 21st-century battleground

By Sarah Quale — Personhood is a legal strategy, a moral philosophy, and a cultural movement that’s rooted in both faith and reason. Personhood is our only consistent defense against all direct attacks on human life and human dignity that have happened, are happening, and will happen in the future. So what are those attacks, specifically? What does personhood look like on the ground? Is it practical, and does it have any chance of actually advancing in America?

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