Month: December 2019

Stop PCHETA: The Senate’s dangerous palliative care bill

By guest author Sara Buscher, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA — Palliative care has become dangerous and deadly in many places. Too many people are abused or “helped” to die, instead of being helped to live well in the time they have left. Right now, the U.S. Senate is acting on a bill that would expand and promote palliative care without the reforms that are needed to improve care and protect patients from the assisted suicide and euthanasia agendas. We have a chance to stop this bill, but we must act now. Senators are voting this Thursday, December 12th!

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Can a woman be prosecuted for aborting her child?

By guest author Daniel Gump — After frequent and inflammatory rhetoric surrounding fetal heartbeat legislation that claimed women could be prosecuted for abortion, and even miscarriage, it became clear that research into maternal liability was needed. Can a woman actually be prosecuted for aborting her child? What do our current federal and state-level abortion laws say, and what about the courts? The answers might surprise you.

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