Month: February 2020

Anti-euthanasia orgs sound the alarm again on Senate’s dangerous palliative care bill

By Calvin Freiburger — Congress is currently considering legislation that would overhaul training and procedures for palliative and hospice care, but many have raised concerns that the bill would, in practice, hasten the deaths of seriously ill patients, including those whose situations are not terminal.

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Abortion and rape: Responding with facts and compassion

By Sarah Quale — What about abortion in cases of rape and incest? It’s an emotional question that’s often used to stump pro-lifers and force us to concede that, in some cases, abortion might actually be the right thing to do. But we need to ask ourselves: Is abortion really the compassionate solution we’re led to believe it is? What do the victims of sexual assault say? Are we listening to them? Are we protecting them? And finally, what can we do as individuals to advocate for them?

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Being fully pro-life: A story of human value and disability

By guest author Deborah Riffenburgh — Pro-life advocates care about the personhood of children, born and pre-born. We care about the personhood of the moms and the dads. We are horrified at the barbarism of abortion. The brutality; it sickens us. We say we want to end it. We pray, we march, we protest, and we vote. We tell the world that all lives matter. But do they really, even in the most difficult, heartbreaking circumstances?

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Prenatal child support: The U.S. laws you’ve never heard about

By guest author Daniel Gump — Georgia’s LIFE Act received considerable media attention during the spring of 2019, but larger discussions surrounding abortion glossed over other provisions in the legislation, including prenatal child support requirements. Prenatal child support is not new to Georgia, and surprisingly, many other states have had such laws on the books for decades. How might it impact abortion if these laws were more widely known?

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