Month: March 2020

ACLU lawsuit shows wisdom in personhood’s alternative approach to sanctuary cities

By Sarah Quale — The pro-life sanctuary city movement in America includes multiple factions using different strategies to achieve the same goal—to protect pre-born children from abortion in our own communities, while exerting the constitutional right to self-governance by defying the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade. However, a recent ACLU lawsuit against seven sanctuary cities in Texas is exposing the vulnerabilities in Texas’s strategy and showing the effectiveness of an alternative approach.

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The role of Italy’s aging population in the spread of coronavirus

By Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD — After China, Italy has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19, the coronavirus. Italy’s aging population is a factor in the spread of a disease to which the elderly are particularly susceptible.

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Above the law: America’s abortion-trafficking-pornography enterprise

By Sarah Quale — News has resurfaced about the 15-year-old girl in Florida who was repeatedly assaulted on videos that were uploaded to Pornhub and who was then taken for an abortion to cover up the crime. Her trafficker has been charged, and Pornhub is now under international scrutiny, but what about the abortion facility? The Personhood Alliance is petitioning Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to investigate whether the abortion facility willfully ignored Florida’s Parental Notice of Abortion Act and failed to comply with federal and state mandatory reporting laws that require they alert authorities to suspected child abuse and trafficking.

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