Month: August 2020

Austin, Texas, funds abortion instead of police

By AJ Dominque III — Proponents of the “Defund the Police” movement spreading in Democrat-run cities across the country have added a new component to their mission to “reimagine policing”—diverting funds from police departments to help fund abortion-related costs.

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What the Bible says (and doesn’t say) about abortion

By Sarah Quale — Abortion is never directly addressed in the Old Testament. Neither is the word abortion specifically mentioned in the New Testament. Many argue that, because the Bible is “silent” on abortion, that means it’s permissible, even worthy of praise. But scripture speaks very clearly on the sanctity of human life, and the early Church was bold in its defense of it. So how are we faring today?

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Petition exposes relationship between Hy-Vee and Raygun abortion funding

By Tim Overlin — Hy-Vee is a popular, family-friendly chain of supermarkets based in Iowa and located throughout the Midwest. Raygun, also based in Iowa, is a clothier known for its edgy t-shirts that ridicule conservative ideas. Raygun also outwardly supports Planned Parenthood and directly funds abortions through the Iowa Abortion Access Fund. Now, Hy-Vee has partnered with Raygun to display its clothing in the kids’ department.

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“Hawley Test” sets bar for Supreme Court and the pro-life movement

By AJ Dominque III — Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has set the bar that should be adopted for all Supreme Court justice nominees moving forward, and for all strategies to end legalized abortion at the federal, state, and local levels.

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