Month: January 2021

The missed opportunity of the Personhood documentary

By Daniel Gump — The documentary Personhood: Policing Pregnant Women in America had many opportunities to unite those of vastly different ideological backgrounds on flaws in the criminal justice system, disparities in treatment among different demographics, and how to better help vulnerable women during their pregnancies. Unfortunately, the film resorted to easily debunked claims, fear-mongering, and outright deception.

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Restoring religious vaccine exemptions in Virginia

By Deborah Riffenburgh — The moment a COVID-19 public health emergency was declared in Virginia, all religious exemptions to vaccines became null and void, forcing thousands to choose between following their conscience and obeying the law. Thankfully, two medical freedom bills have been filed in the state to restore the right to opt out of mandated vaccines and reinstate religious freedom. This fight in Virginia is poised to influence the nation. Citizens across the country must be vigilant.

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The challenge to be pro-life in the 21st century

By Dan Becker Being pro-life in the 21st century requires us to ask inconvenient questions and to use discernment and courage to consistently apply our Biblical worldview. This is not only true in opposing abortion without exceptions, but also in considering issues of medical ethics, like the COVID-19 vaccines currently in distribution.

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