Month: April 2021

Is Planned Parenthood Really Reckoning With Sanger’s Racist Legacy?

By Sarah Quale — Up to this point, Planned Parenthood has boldly denied its eugenic roots and the racist legacy of its founder, Margaret Sanger. But the current move to “call for a reckoning” of that legacy is yet another strategy to continue it.

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Abortion Is Unconstitutional and Not a State Issue

By David Bjornstrom — We concede too much in assuming that, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, the individual states should decide whether or not to outlaw abortion. If unborn babies are “persons,” as modern science shows, the 14th Amendment outlaws abortion, since abortion deprives a class of persons of their life without due process of law and without equal protection. It is time to reclaim the 14th Amendment for the unborn.

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