Month: September 2021

Practical tools for standing up to COVID-19 vaccine mandates

By Deborah Riffenburgh — People across our nation are being faced with an impossible choice – violate their sincerely held religious beliefs by taking an abortion-derived COVID-19 injection, or lose their livelihoods, their careers, and their opportunity for education. How can we, as Christians, take a principled stand as we navigate COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which are an unprecedented attack on our civil and religious liberties? Here are some practical resources and tools we hope will help.

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The good, bad, and ugly of the Texas Heartbeat Act

By Deborah Riffenburgh — The Texas Heartbeat Act has caused chaos in the abortion industry and wild celebration in the pro-life movement. But what exactly is in the law, why did the Supreme Court refuse to obstruct it, and will temporary gains bring long-term protection to pre-born children in Texas?

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