Month: February 2023

OB/Gyn Doctor Announces Findings of a 57 Fold Increase in Miscarriages From COVID Shots

Board certified OB/Gyn announces paper that shows that the COVID vaccine is causing an exponential rise in miscarriage and reproductive health issues.

Abortion Pills Are Flooding the US Knowingly Aided by the USPS and the Biden Admin

Abortion pills are flooding the US as licensed and underground distribution networks take advantage of the green light from the Biden admin.

Hundreds of Thousands of Unborn American Babies’ Lives Depend on the Outcome of this Lawsuit

A Texas federal court hears arguments that could reverse the FDA approval of the abortion pill saving hundreds of thousands of preborn babies and their mothers.

Abortion Industry Proposes Amendment to Ohio’s Constitution

Abortion industry introduces ballot measure to write the so-called “right to abortion” in the Ohio constitution.

A Los Angeles Catholic Bishop Who Was a Pro-Life Champion is Murdered

Beloved pro-life bishop who was murdered in Los Angeles over the weekend is remembered for his love of the least of his brothers and sisters, especially the preborn children.

Peaceful British Pro-Life Prayer Warriors Cleared in Court

Peaceful British Pro-Life Prayer Warriors Cleared in Court

“Moderate” GOP Senators Lead the Charge to Legalize Child Killing Nationwide

GOP “moderates” lead the charge to legalize child killing nationwide.

Surry County NC Passes a Personhood Resolution

The county commissioners were unanimous in approving the resolution, which enjoyed broad local community support.

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