Month: March 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Ohio’s Proposed “Reproductive Freedom” Amendment Faces Legal Challenge

Cincinnati Right to Life sues to stop pro-abortion ballot measure in Ohio.

All Eyes on Texas Chemical Abortion Case

The FDA, at the direction of President Biden, has been removing all regulations for the drug mifepristone, a chemical invented with the sole purpose of starving the developing baby to death in his or her mother’s womb.
Soon, one judge in the Federal District Court in Amarillo Texas will decide the fate of Biden’s push for chemical abortion.

Why is the CDC Still Promoting COVID Vaccines for Pregnant Women?

Why is the CDC Still Promoting COVID Vaccines for Pregnant Women?

Battle Over Abortion in Virginia: Radical Pro-Abortion Democrats vs. Moderately Pro-life Republicans

Political battle over abortion in Virginia ends in a stalemate where babies are still unprotected.

Virginia Judge Rules That Human Embryos are “Chattel” Citing 1800’s Slave Regulation

Virginia court rules that embryonic children are “chattel” property that can be “valued and sold.”

British Parliament Bans Silent Prayer Near Abortion Centers

British Parliament bans silent prayer outside of abortion centers.

United States Diplomats Push Abortion, Gender Ideology, and Equity and Inclusion in WHO Pandemic Treaty

Abortion, gender ideology and marxism: meet the secretive treaty being pushed by the Biden admin to govern future pandemics.

Ohio AG Gives the Green Light to Misleading Abortion-On-Demnd Amendment

Deceptive pro-abortion amendment gets the green light from Ohio’s Attorney General Dave Yost

(Watch) Attorney General Merrick Garland Grilled for Weaponizing the Department of Justice Against Pro-Life Americans

Attorney General Garland faced tough questioning about evidence of political weaponization of his DOJ during a Senate Judiciary committee oversight hearing.

Pregnant Florida Woman Accused of Murder Loses Petition to Be Released From Jail Based on Baby’s Right to Liberty

A Florida pregnant woman accused of murder will not be released form jail after a court rejected her petition for Habeas Corpus on behalf of her preborn baby.

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