Month: August 2023

South Carolina Supreme Court Reverses Course & Rules in Favor or Life

South Carolina’s Supreme Court reverses recent abortion decision and allows heartbeat bill to remain in effect.

Transgender You Are Not

A reader gives us advice in dealing with those struggling with gender dysphoria

A Christian Reflection on the Imago Dei

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I will abort myself.” Anyone sane could not even think of such a proposition.

Superman in the Mirror

Time passes.  The woman is exhausted, though she is at peace now that the “procedure” is over.  The abortion was a failure.

I am now ashamed of our country

Every day in America thousands of innocent defenseless preborn children are murdered in their mother’s womb because they are believed to be too great a burden to bare up under.

Call for Submissions: The Personhood Alliance is Looking for Contributing Authors

Call for Submissions: Join Us in Promoting a Pro-Life, Pro-Personhood Perspective

Secretary of State LaRose and Attorney General Yost Are to Blame for Issue 1 Debacle in Ohio

Ohio vote on Issue 1 paves the way for November vote on Reproductive Freedom Amendment eliminating the right to life from the Ohio Constitution.

Ohio Votes to Protect the Right to Life

Ohio Votes to Protect the Right to Life

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