Month: August 2023

South Carolina Supreme Court Reverses Course & Rules in Favor or Life

South Carolina’s Supreme Court reverses recent abortion decision and allows heartbeat bill to remain in effect.

Transgender You Are Not

A reader gives us advice in dealing with those struggling with gender dysphoria

A Christian Reflection on the Imago Dei

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I will abort myself.” Anyone sane could not even think of such a proposition.

Superman in the Mirror

Time passes.  The woman is exhausted, though she is at peace now that the “procedure” is over.  The abortion was a failure.

I am now ashamed of our country

Every day in America thousands of innocent defenseless preborn children are murdered in their mother’s womb because they are believed to be too great a burden to bare up under.

Call for Submissions: The Personhood Alliance is Looking for Contributing Authors

Call for Submissions: Join Us in Promoting a Pro-Life, Pro-Personhood Perspective

Secretary of State LaRose and Attorney General Yost Are to Blame for Issue 1 Debacle in Ohio

Ohio vote on Issue 1 paves the way for November vote on Reproductive Freedom Amendment eliminating the right to life from the Ohio Constitution.

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