Arline Lester dies in forced euthanasia case

By Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq. — Arline Lester, the 91-year-old woman from Long Island, New York, whose son recorded a video of her pleading for her life, died yesterday after being heavily sedated and removed from her ventilator and feeding tube. Her forced euthanasia took place behind a shroud of secrecy and shocking judicial overreach in a state that’s pushing to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia this year.


The killing of Arline Lester

The killing of Arline Lester was shrouded in secrecy after Judge Julianne Capetola of the Nassau County Court (NY) allegedly issued a secret gag order forbidding the parties, attorneys or witnesses from communicating any details of the case.

The gag order, which was never made public, was reported to have been issued out of concern for the privacy rights of Arline Lester, but sources close to the family say the gag order was simply a way to cover up the inevitable killing of a woman against her express wish to live. Attempts, including in-person visits to the court of Judge Capetola by the Personhood Alliance to obtain the gag order in order to verify its existence, content, and scope, were unsuccessful.

The secret gag order was used to threaten pro-life organizations such as LifeSiteNews and the Personhood Alliance who had re-posted the video recorded by Ed Lester and first published by local NY media outlets. Neither the NY Post nor the Personhood Alliance took down the distressing video, not having been able to confirm the existence or scope of the alleged gag order. Parties, witnesses, and attorneys related to the case that were contacted refused to comment for fear of the secret gag order. The video is below.

The Personhood Alliance also published a second video of Arline in our original article on this story, which was taken by a friend in her hospital room. The video shows Arline alert and speaking on her own. When asked if she is in pain, she shakes her head no and clearly says, “Thank you.”

Family sources, who refused to give any details of the court proceedings and who requested anonymity for fear of being held in contempt of court, told LifeSiteNews that Arline Lester died yesterday after having her respirator removed while being put on “palliative sedation,” a term that refers to aggressive pain medication that inevitably leads to the death of the patient.

This could be coming to all of New York

The case of Arlene Lester is especially alarming at a time when New York’s Democrat-controlled legislature is considering legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia. In fact, the same legislators, lobbyists, and organizations who supported the “Reproductive Health Act” are backing the assisted suicide and euthanasia efforts.

Many pro-lifers worry that if the courts are willing to enforce an old “living will” against the express wishes of an elderly woman who was conscious enough to orally communicate them, then what guarantee will there be that people who change their mind at the last moment about assisted suicide or euthanasia will have their right to life respected and protected?

More on this story

As we reported in our original article on this story, for the last few weeks, Arline Lester’s two sons had engaged in an acrimonious battle in the Nassau County Court over two competing living wills. The first will, which Arline signed decades ago, directed that no life support be administered in case she was incapacitated.  The second will was drafted recently after Arline suffered medical complications for which she required the insertion of a feeding tube and ventilator at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.

The son who was taking care of Arline, Edward, told ABC7 NY that his mother had asked him for help to revoke her “living will” 17 times, after which he helped her hire a specialized attorney who drafted the new living will.  In other comments to News12, Edward stated that “My mother’s perception of a living will was, ‘If I’m a vegetable, if I’m brain dead and I’m laying there…pull the plug,’ but that’s not the situation we have now.”  To support his claim that his mother’s clear wish was to live, Ed released the video in which Arline clearly communicated that she did not want to die, but wanted to live.

As the NY Post reported, Arline’s other son initiated the lawsuit asking Judge Julianne Capitola in Nassau County Supreme Court to declare him Arline’s sole guardian, acknowledging that he hoped to take her off life support—but maintaining this is what their mother wanted.

Once the dramatic video of Arline mouthing the words “I want to live” was published, the court issued the alleged gag order, prohibiting any of the parties, witnesses, or attorneys from sharing details of the case with the press.

From that point forward, the repeated attempts from the Personhood Alliance to be shown the gag order or be given any information on the status of the case or Arline’s medical condition were denied by Judge Julianne Capitola’s court.

We are deeply saddened and angered by this case. We ask that you continue to pray for all involved.

Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., is the president of the Personhood Alliance and a licensed attorney in the commonwealth of Virginia. He is a human rights advisor to the Holy See Mission to the Organization of American States and works in Washington DC to stop the expansion of abortion in Latin America.

This article originally appeared on LifeSiteNews and was edited for republication here.

92 comments on “Arline Lester dies in forced euthanasia case

  1. joyce says:

    A DNR I will never sign either. My sisters tried to get me to sign with them when my mom was in intensive care for 7 weeks.. I refused to sign it so they couldn’t push it thru. .Mom lived another two years. Behind my back they signed one when she was admitted 2 yrs later, they never told me she was in hospital until 13 days after she got admitted. She died of an aneurysm that they discovered before she died but because of the DNR they would do nothing about it.. I worked In a nursing home for many years and I have seen how if u have a DNR the nurses would say oh they have DNR and they wont try to resuscitate.. I advise against one

  2. Philip Hennis says:

    Clearly a case of murder that needs to be prosecuted, the court needs to take responsibility for this and somebody should go to prison, in my opinion .

    1. Daniel says:

      Cold blooded murder through and through.

    2. Katherine says:

      Along with hospic, they kill every day. And get away with it, for a hospic nurse usually 15 to 20 patients a week they get rid of. With hospic you have 3 days to a week usually to live. This is your crooked politians.

      1. Angie says:

        Hospice is not even close in comparison to this.. they do not assist in killing patients at all!..I worked for Hospice and we are a group to help people with pain caused by end stage cancer, or other illness. Do not put Hospice in the same class as this

        1. Annie says:

          they kind of do. They administered so much morphine to my Mom, even though she was not in pain. But, my Mom had some serious health issues and was ready….she had stopped taking her meds two days before and I am glad they helped her on her way….but how many people do they dose up that aren’t ready and don’t have family to watch over them?

        2. Gina Valdez says:

          I agree. My Mom is 101 years old and Hospice comes out three times a week to help me bathe her and take care of her. Her vitals are good.

    3. DAWN THOMAS says:

      Iam so sorry, I belive many die from fentanyl and or morphine!!! Stops the heart!!!

    4. RO says:


    5. Susie says:

      Murder is murder no matter what the drs and lawyers try to call it.

    6. William Sherman says:

      i agree this is 1st degree murder plain an simple.

    7. sylvie hebert says:

      A legalized murder???What is the world coming to….horrible

  3. Karen Stapp says:

    This is horrific on every level. If I read the article right, there was one son that was fighting for his mom’s right to live and another fighting for her euthanization. What kind of child does that? This is insane. There is so much evil at work here between the judge and that son and the system that encourages the killing of the weak and the disabled. What a horrible thing for her family that loved her to witness. How helpless they must have felt during the last minutes of her life. I just have so many questions about that son that ordered her killed. Was he happy and satisfied watching her die? Having a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

    1. Janet says:

      Some adult children look to their financial inheritance rather than being active in the support of their parent in their choice to continue to live

    2. RO says:


    3. Nadine H says:

      Karen….you have capture the deep sentiment of my heart as well. It all disturbs me in a profound way that I am left feeling so much for Ms. Lester. I wish I were there just as a source of love and compassion for her because she needed that respect and comfort despite the evil actions of a ego fueled judge. She deserved to be viable to the end and I would have offered to her lovingly my respect and humanity for her existence as a human being. Shame on those who knowingly could not and would not give Ms. Lester the dignity she deserves in her verbal plea to live.
      Reality is assumed and asserted far too much in this world by all especially doctors, judges and politicians. The questionable ethical and moral conduct seems to be a socially legitimate form of behavior largely because too many people have their interests mired in non humane, non self awareness and nonsensical and bankrupt intentions of character. Being human does not suggest one is connected or rooted in their humanity thus we have fraudulent human beings operating with a profound absence of consciousness and integrity to the fundamental meaning in being a human being.

    1. Keith says:

      If in doubt with her current wishes, and she is capable of of sound and articulated thought and speech, you err on her request live. If in a vegetative state and no ability to ever communicate otherwise, you honor her first wishes. But if the former and my brother fought for being euthanized, I fight tooth and nail to keep her alive. Regardless of the outcome my relationship with him would be over. And probably his ability to speak or chew!

  4. Carolyn P Putney says:

    This is so sad, sickening, and senseless. Many of us have signed “living wills,” but I, for one, will be taking a second look at mine, and make sure it is clear by what is meant by it. Only if I am totally vegetative, brain dead, caused by some massive stroke or accident, would it be ok to take me off life support. But, a ventilator is not total life support. Nor was she brain dead, or completely vegetative.
    There is such a need in our country for places where elderly can go, if family is unable to care for them, that doesn’t cost $5,000-$10,000 a month, or more. I have thought carefully about a model that would have graduated care, that would be such that the residents got the care they needed and the owners didn’t become millionaires. I also believe that one of the problems of today’s society where we all think we want everything, and we want it now, is partly responsible for the poor care our elderly get. It used to be that even if a loved one had to go into a facility, family was there nearly every single day to help attend to needs, and make sure the patient was getting excellent care. I’ve worked in an extended care facility, and too many people are taken there to die, and their family rarely comes to see them.
    I’m sick at heart over this.

    1. Nicole says:

      Look deeply into ‘brain dead’. It is a false medical claim. You may want to just look into it further and adjust your will accordingly.

    2. Janet Brown says:

      I volunteer in a not for profit nursing home which also happens to be the #1 nursing home in my state. The residents get such great care there but it is expensive. Medicare does not pay for long term care so unless you have an extremely expensive LTC policy that pays it all forever you will be forced to pay out of pocket or be placed on medicaid if your income is low enough.

    3. G says:

      My father suffered pneumonia after a successful heart valve surgery while in the hospital (he was in his 80’s). The surgeon and other doctors (including those directly involved with his care and those in the family and friends of the family) recommended a trachea be put in to help him get the oxygen he needed while they tried to cure the infection. We agreed, except for my eldest sister (who is in the medical field said it was a slippery slope and against his living will). After weeks in the hospital and months in the rehab, they could not wean him off the oxygen via his trachea. Two of my siblings who tried so hard to rehab him, gave up hope after recurrent infections. They wanted to end his care and let him die. However, his doctors did not feel he warranted hospice care. They felt he was disabled, but his vitals were strong so long as he had some oxygen support. My attorney sister (who did not have medical power of attorney) tried to override my mother’s wishes and doctor recommendations by going to the ethics board at the rehab center to cut off his oxygen (which would have eventually killed him). My attorney sister and my brother backed down, but not without a fight. After a few months, the rehab center decided they could do no more for him, and since no nursing home would take him with his trachea/oxygen support so he was brought home. My eldest sister moved in with my Mother, along with her adult son, with the aid of round the clock nurses to care for him and also to help him heal from a deep bedsore he acquired in the hospital. He was not dying – just disabled. He was aware, although he could not speak. He did not want to die. We all visited him as often as possible. My Dad eventually died a few months later from kidney failure resulting from a strep infection. He was on hospice after his kidneys started to fail. When my dad died, he actually was on his oxygen and went peacefully. He did not suffocate to death, as he would of had his oxygen been pulled. He was home. He was comfortable. He got to see all his children on his last day, and many of his grandchildren. I thank God for that.

      In our case, we had the support of the doctors. They never gave up on him. I think there is a difference between being brain dead/unresponsive and being medically disabled and aware and/or being dependent on a medical maintenance such as insulin, dialysis, oxygen, etc. To not introduce a medical support and allow a person to die naturally is one thing. To introduce a support, and then decide to take it away is a direct cause of death, and in my opinion, murder. From what I can see in this case, Mrs. Lester was murdered. I pray for peace within her family. The entire situation is very tragic. I hope those involved with the decision to kill her will come to terms with the gravity of the sin they have committed so they themselves can ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness before they die. They obviously don’t see the value of the elderly of the infirmed, and would rather play executioner then allow God’s will to take its course. May Mrs. Lester rest in peace.

      1. Sarah Quale says:

        Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you.

        1. Peter Charneco says:

          As one person said some children are looking at what they could lose out on if their family member didn’t die at the right time but instead lingered on requiring admission to a nursing home or applying for long-term care through Medicaid where they seize and take control of any income, and anything of real value.

    4. Marie V. says:

      Carolyn Putney: Call the Patients Rights Council, 740-282-3810 or 800-958-5678, and request a Protective Medical Decisions Document, which is a power of attorney for health care. They are located in Steubenville, Ohio. Tell them what state you are in, as I believe each state has different laws. The document allows you to designate a relative or friend (an “agent”) to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make them. Make sure you designate someone you trust and that they know your wishes. The document directs that your life not be ended by euthanasia or assisted suicide, and that nutrition and hydration (food and water) should be provided unless your death is inevitable and truly imminent or you are unable to assimilatae food and fluids. You can name up to two alternate agents also. Your signature must have be notarized or two witnesses must sign to verify that you are the one who signed the document.
      Apparently our society has become a culture of death, which no longer values human life. We can no longer trust hospitals.

    5. RO says:


  5. Peter F. Connell says:

    This is precisely why I wrote a book, On the Sanctity of Human Life. The events surrounding my own mother’s death by a lethal dose of morphine, against all clearly expressed wishes (in New York State), is what prompted the writing. Some of the philosophy expressed above regarding the acceptability of euthanasia is learned—or rather, it is being programmed into our societal thinking.

    This lady, in my opinion, was murdered. It is horrific—and I fear it portends the future unless people equip themselves with understanding.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      Thank you for your work, Peter.

    2. Richard Ochoa says:

      The people who are Responsible for this, Should be tried & convicted of 1st Degree Murder!!!!!

    3. Sharon says:

      I will be purchasing this. Thank you.
      On the Sanctity of Human Life: Considerations Regarding Life and End-of-Life Issues

      1. Karen Stapp says:

        I will be purchasing as well

        1. I think this judge need to be sue for what they let happen to this woman. It the judge fault.

    4. joyce says:

      I have seen time and time again morphine used to end someones life in a nursing home.. they just don’t say that is what its gonna do.. but it does.

  6. joseph Magro says:

    and judges are putting murders in jail,dear judge julianne you better start judging yourself before it s to late,REPENT

  7. Sandy Miller says:

    I hope and pray that literally everyone involved in the “MURDER” of this lady, including the one son and the freak judge who ordered the muzzle put on everyone so this horror would not get out, are faced with the same fatality only not wait until they are elderly. They are all murderers and should be executed as murderers pronto.

    1. Cindy Meyer says:

      I do believe in assisted suicide. Do we humans think it is ok to put down a animal when too sick to recover or their behavior is not good or safe for society? Wow the arrogance of humens. I believe “dying with dignity” not to be forced to endure all the pain that the patient is going thru but also the family members. I want to die on my terms not the greedy medical establishment. They are just mad because if we ppl choose to end our pain and suffering that will cut into their bank accounts. Disgusting huh?

      1. Sarah Quale says:

        Cindy, You are certainly free to believe what you wish, but assisted suicide has nothing to do with this case at all. This woman wanted to live and her life was taken from her.

        1. Loretta says:

          Hi Sarah,

          I think you’re trying to talk to CINDY MEYER, not to anybody named Sandy.

          But you’re still right: this web article was about the evils of euthanasia, especially forced euthanasia.

          That court-judge ought to be deeply ashamed of what she did to Arline Lester. Mrs Lester wanted to live.

          1. Sarah Quale says:

            Yes, thank you! I edited my comment.

          2. Bruce Tennant says:

            I think you’re missing the part about ” I want to live”

      2. Chris B. says:

        You just contradicted yourself. Better get a grasp on what you believe before you say something. It was the government and medical authorities that killed her AGAINST her wishes. That’s the whole point. She didn’t get a choice.

      3. Dawn Eskew says:


        1) Concerning assisted suicide/euthanasia, it is sold on “Choice and Control”, however, if the heir to the person who is also a witness to the person’s signature on the AS/E request form, what is to prevent that heir to perform what is not too uncommon in our society – Elder fraud and abuse. Children of elderly parents, including caretakers of elderly people, find easy targets in the elderly to take their money and possessions. Assisted suicide bills are so dangerous because there is no over-site to prevent murder for the money. What happens behind closed doors nobody knows – the perfect set up for the perfect crime (going against the person’s choice and control). The heir, if he/she discretely provided a drink with the lethal drug without the person’s knowledge, the heir gets away with murder and is protected from prosecution because the Death Certificate is signed, death by natural causes. Inheritance is the motive to the crime.

        2) Legalized Assisted suicide sends the wrong message to our youth – We have a terrible and heartbreaking problem in New York State with Suicide Contagion amongst our youth. Legalized Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia causes suicide contagion which will increase the already present problem we have. (page 46: )

        3) Legalized Assisted suicide/Euthanasia causes PTSD in those family members who watch their loved ones take the lethal drug. ( )

        4) You can be for the concept, but these Bills and Laws are a great danger to society.

        There is so much more to list concerning the dangers of AS/E to society, but I’ll stop here.

        PS Speaking about “Choice and control”, Do animals have a “choice” when you put them down?

      4. Dawn Eskew says:

        Assisted suicide Bill is NOT only for those who are dying, but also for those who have 10+ years to live.
        Example: Jeanette Hall from Oregon. Look her up. She is 19 years Cancer free today.

      5. Gordon Hackman says:

        Humans aren’t animals. Hence the comparison to putting down a sick animal is irrelevant and unhelpful.

      6. Kim R. says:

        Cindy, it is sad that you equate animals with humans! Humans are created in God’s image and we have a soul. Animals, though created by God, do not have a soul. They also can’t reason as we can. If you hold a gun to an animals head, they will not be fearful; they don’t understand life and death. If you did that to a human, the outcome would be far different.
        God is the only one who should be in control of life and death. Not humans who’s decisions and thoughts are ever changing.

        1. RO says:


  8. Millie Kirschner says:

    This just happened to my lifelong friend. We met at 6 years old. We are now 75. They did the same to her. A family member same age said over and over after My friend broke her hip that therapy isn’t worth it. Long story with many strange attitudes between the facility where she lived and the hospital. Secretly quick and strange. I was there often. The whole thing only took about two weeks to put her down like a dog. She conversed and made sense and tried to do what they said and answer questions. She had Avery healthy body. They quickly put her in a different bed and matted the floor with an alarm so if she tried to get out. With a broken hip. Not wanting to or fighting them. She never would. They keep slowly drugging her. She spoke to all kindly. And with her big smile thanking for everything. She thought they were helping her to get better. Her cousin who was totally in charge of her had her quickly moved before the “broken hip and surgery”. She showed me sheer the supposed surgery was and the hole in the bottom of the left foot that. Pained her they covered with a strange bandage. Many odd things she clearly pointed out to me. Over days I kept visiting her.
    Her cousin kept saying “she ran out of money ? “. Another Dr. told me Medicaid could have been used. I asked how she got the supposed broken hip. Cousin was very nervous with any of my questions. He said “ I don’t know”. Really?
    It happened within a couple of weeks and a person who walked talked and cared for herself was gone. She looked like a 55 year old 75 year old. They told me years ago she had depression caused from caring for her mom with Alzheimer’s. I was there throughout that as well. Now all of a sudden cousin adds Dementia to her list of reasons to die.
    The past couple of years she had been better than I had seen her in years. In all areas.
    But they kept saying the money ran out.
    She died Christmas Eve 2019.
    I have lived in sadness and torment of what I saw, heard and perceived since.
    I knew in my heart it was Euthanasia.
    Just like Dr. Francis Shauffer and Dr. Everette Koop said would happen here in America back in the 80’s in their tour of America “What Ever Happened To The Human Race”? They told us and we then were warned. I was not pro choice anymore!!! I have learned a lot from the ProLife movement. But it was a total shock what I saw and heard with my friend and did not really believe yet somehow it was not hidden yet unstoppable.
    Thank you for exposing the truth but we knew the truth about abortion and now Infanticide also. Yet they just keep on killing the defense less.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      I am so very heartbroken by your story. Thank you for caring for your friend. May she rest in peace.

      1. Tin Hint says:

        I am so very sorry for the loss of your lifelong friend. I pray that the Lord of Glory will comfort you will ALL comfort in Christ Jesus. As my my 97 year old mother, who lost her husband of 68 years two weeks ago, prepares to leave her home and move out of state to live with my brother and be close to many of her grandchildren and great grandchildren, I thank God that she has this option instead of murderers that are planning her state sponsored extermination.

      2. Michelle says:

        This is a good warning for us too keep our eyes wide open where our innocent and defenseless are concerned and expose these cases before it’s too late. Our world is becoming more and more selfish, cold and insensitive to the elderly and imperfect. And of course often-times it comes down to the almighty dollar!

    2. Lee Veinot says:

      Was this in NY as well?

    3. Dedou says:

      God knows all that is done “in secret”. He will repay.

    4. Margaret Walden says:

      Thank you for a clear report of what is possible as the value of life dwindles. We share your sorrow and indignation.

    5. Millie, I am so sorry for you and your friend. I am now 90 yrs old and back when I was in my early 70’s, I had my first hip replaced, 2 yrs later, the second hip. Two yrs after, had my first knee replaced and 6months later, the other knee. Had wonderful therapy and have never had one problem with any of them. At this time, for other reasons I am in a wonderful nursing home here in Hilliard, Florida. I walk with a walker and ride around in my power chair having a great time with the staff and other patients. I have seen many patients come here for rehab who had hip replacements and were in their 70’s or 80’s and leave here walking just great!!! I still get my hair done every week, put my makeup on every day and do my own nails, although they do them for the patients (nails). Your friend certainly had many good years ahead of her. I am on FB for yrs and love being here with such a good group. My heart goes out to you and her friends.

  9. Gordon says:

    “Living Will” is a strange term and did not help Arline one little bit! She did not lay down her life, it was taken from her in thinly veiled violence. It used to be that murderers and medical people could be told apart, now it all just runs together!

    1. Louis says:

      When people are still of mind to “say” I WANT TO LIVE! We should do all we can to make that possible. Esp , since she made out a more recient “LIVING WILL “ it is the latest on that takes presidence. Just like when you make a will for your money & belongings. This is not right for a hospital or Judge at all!!!!!

  10. Rick De Prisco says:

    Judge Capitola needs to be dunked into legal hot water for using a gag order as a cover-up for her issuance of a de facto death sentence. Since Arline clearly indicated her wishes to live via a medium whose video content had already been disseminated, the gag order amounts to a violation of free speech rights. There should be heck to pay.

    1. Sarah Quale says:


  11. Arthur R Brown says:

    The issue is living and not dying. The wishes of the patient should be respected as I know personally my wife just passed away in hospice care at home. I would not every let my wife be hospitalized awaiting her dying. The hospice care was the most human care and she lived as long as she could comfortably with her husband and children around her until she passed away on December 26, 2019. This was her wish and I granted it to her and not some hospital or those who don’t want to see some individuals to be taken care of because of the expense or the time you have to be with them for their care. I pray that the same thing happens to me and that way I can die in dignity and not like Arline.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      So sorry for your loss, Arthur. May God comfort you in your grief.

  12. Patricia says:

    A very sad day

    1. Denis says:

      This has ALWAYS been part and parcel of the now obvious PREMEDITATION to end humanity as we know it without shots being fired or bombs exploding.

    2. Jay hinter says:

      This is legalized MURDER.

  13. Mark Cunningham says:

    Feeding tubes and ventilators used to keep elderly people alive are not biblical.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      Mark, these were being used to assist her with respiration and nutrition while she healed from surgery. She had regained her speech and was alert and communicating her desire to live. The judge ordered her to be heavily sedated and her assistance removed, which led to her death.

      1. Bonnie Lampe says:

        If we live long enough
        we will all get old. Is this what the people who make these decisions want for themselves! God help us!

        1. Sarah Quale says:


    2. Bonhoeffer's Ghost says:

      The commandment against murder is biblical and so is the commandment to honor your mother and father. This woman was alive, alert and in possession of her faculties. She did not want to die and stated so clearly. She stated it clearly enough that a lawyer wrote a new living will which should have superseded the old one. This was premeditated first degree murder and the son and judge are the murders.

      1. Philip Minicozzi says:

        We now live in a society where elected politicians decide our living fate, both before birth and at an elderly age.
        The governor of New York is a prime example!

    3. Linda F. says:

      1. I don’t recall the Bible mentioning feeding tubes and ventilators; and

      2. Last I heard, murder was unbiblical. And that is exactly what happened in this case, Mark: Arline Lester was murdered.

      1. Liz h says:

        I agree

    4. E.R says:

      Yes, all that is used to keep LIFE is biblical. Which is biblical too is the commadnment to take care of our elderly and respect them!!!!

    5. Nancy M Redmond says:

      Show scripture backing thus statement up.

    6. M Web says:

      Interesting….I never thought about this

    7. Loretta says:

      Mark Cunningham —

      Feeding tubes and ventilators are not mentioned in the Bible, but neither are the Internet nor modern flush-toilets mentioned, either.

      So, what’s your point, Mark? Do you want us to be living in either the Stone Age or (at best) the Bronze Age because of your own private interpretation of Holy Scripture?

    8. Dawn Eskew says:

      Supporting Sarah’s response that the woman in this story was healing and receiving temporary assistance, I add that fluid and nutrition, including receiving oxygen, is considered basic care just as clothing a person or providing them a blanket when they are cold.

  14. Barbara Renner says:

    In a faithless and hopefully fictional society, where individuals are considered merely cogs in a wheel that can be easily disposed of and or replaced Arlene Lester’s loss of her right to life might go unnoticed. We are not that society but with this news of Arline’s death at the hands of those who will stop at nothing to promote the rationing of health care ,the degradation of the weak, infirmed and elderly the stench of the Culture of death is becoming pervasive. We should be able to laydown our heads at night secure in the knowledge that our loved ones and/or our local support givers will honor our right to all the care that we require to live out our lives with dignity and respect. Proponents of Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide claim to be compassionate and merciful towards the “suffering” but their motives are self-serving and their methods despicable and undermining to the vulnerable who fear being a burden and families who want comfort for their loved one. Just as there are no” atheists” in fox holes I believe there are few if any who actually deal with near death and dying. Your treatment of the sick and vulnerable in your care ‘will determine the manner in which your afterlife will be spent and likely your own final days of this life as well . Rest in peace Arline.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      Beautifully said. Thank you.

    2. Very well said.

  15. Mary says:

    I just do not understand how a person of sound mind can have her wishes completely ignored because of something she signed years ago – and without full understanding of what the document meant! I am heartbroken and praying for this poor woman and her son who tried so valiantly to save her. Difficult thought it may be, we also have to pray for this broken system and the broken people who have been duped into doing the devil’s work.

  16. madmemere says:

    Perhaps the black robe, “creepytolla” needs to be “forced” onto life support, attacked with a feeding tube, for about a month AND THEN “yank the plugs” and give her NOTHING! She deserves it; so does cuomo and his nasty den of communists hiding up there in Albany!

  17. Vanessa Powers says:

    I am just horrified. It’s impossible to express how deeply wrong this is and what an evil world we are becoming. This is murder, pure and simple. God help us all! My family and I extend our heartfelt sympathy to all who knew and loved and fought for this beautiful woman.

  18. Martha Clark, RN says:

    I’m a Registered Nurse and I have to say, until I saw the video of this lady stating clearly that she wanted to LIVE, I questioned the one son’s motivation.

    This was MURDER plain and simple! Until the healthcare community refuses to take part in this treachery, people will continue to die!

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      These family disputes can be so messy and ugly. I was cautious, too. But those videos! She clearly wanted to live, was not in pain, and was alert and responsive. I can’t imagine being the palliative care staff and acting out the decision of this judge. You’re absolutely correct that the healthcare community MUST stand against this.

  19. Robert Carlson says:

    Butchers, murderers! They will pay royally when they stand before their creator on their judgment day.

    1. XF says:

      She was 91 – basically a living legend…until her life was unjustly snuffed out. People today are dropping dead in their twenties nowadays – it’s a blessing to become 90!

      She was murdered!

      Hospitals are so corrupt. Should I die before the coming of the Lord, I think I would much rather breathe my last breath in the comfort of my house than to be taken to these death camps aka hospitals.

      1. Rich says:

        They are a mini Holocaust all over again! Shame on these Greedy people involved. In this case, it was Definitely cold blooded Murder. Hang the perpetrator!!!!!

  20. Sharon Kutz says:

    The judge is not God, but will have to answer to Him one day soon.

    1. MM says:

      Exactly. All involved will have to face God – and He knows the innermost thoughts and desires of each of us. We cannot judge – but He will.

  21. Jennifer Hodgetts says:

    This is not even euthanasia but semi legalized murder! Whoever did it should be prosecuted and both the son Kyle and the judge are accessories. Fortunately it will be judged by the Supreme Judge I.e. God!

  22. This is horrific. How could they do this? This woman obviously wanted to live. This is crazy.

  23. Claire Neugebauer says:

    Arline, you did not die in vain. You are with God now and He alone knows the hearts of all concerned. You will be remembered and the potentiality of “living wills” becoming “death mandates” must be understood by all persons considering such an action.

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