Personhood Alliance Education:
Equipping Christians on issues of life for the 21st century

Personhood Alliance Education


Welcome to our corner of the website! Personhood Alliance Education is the 501(c)(3) subsidiary of Personhood Alliance. We’re building a movement of principled, compassionate, grassroots pro-lifers who stand on the Word of God to defend human life and human dignity in the 21st century. We provide educational tools, training, and support to multiple pro-life organizations across America, not only to their staff and volunteers, but also to their constituents, church networks, and the community at-large.



God wants to walk with us every day as we stand for life according to how He has called us. As we do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly, it’s good to remember the ground beneath our feet.


The legalized killing of unborn children made in the image of God is the greatest human rights issue of our time. To make abortion both illegal and unthinkable, our ways must begin and end with God’s ways. This is the essence of personhood.

Science & Tech

Threats to human life and human dignity extend far beyond abortion. As science and technology rapidly advance, so does the erosion of ethics in research and practice. Personhood is the only consistent means of opposing the unethical making, taking, and altering of human life in this “brave new world.”

End of Life

The elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable are being targeted for elimination. Protecting the personhood of these populations, upholding human dignity, and defending natural death are paramount in the battle for life.


Human trafficking is an egregious violation of life and liberty that leaves terrible trauma in its wake. To buy and sell a human being and to exploit them for labor or sex is a core violation of their personhood.

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