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Personhood in Science and Technology

Throughout the history of the Church, the doctrinal teaching of the “Sanctity of Life” has been built on the foundational truth that humans are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and therefore, have intrinsic worth at all stages and in all circumstances. This is the bedrock of Western civilization’s understanding of human value and dignity. But our post-modern culture and the rapid advancement of science and technology are quickly changing all of that. The pro-life movement’s focus in the 20th century on being anti-abortion (a noble, necessary, and urgent focus) has not adequately expanded to address the myriad of issues already emerging in the 21st century, through unethical advances in science and technology. We must adjust our strategy and message to one of personhood in order to do battle now and in the future.

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creating human life to destroy it


The creation, exploitation, and destruction of human embryos is happening on a massive scale in America, as is the taxpayer-funded use of aborted fetal body parts. The drive to cure disease, improve consumer products, and even alter the entire human gene pool poses a dangerous and immediate threat to the sanctity of life. It’s the future eugenicists have been waiting for.

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creating human life on our own terms

repro tech

Abortion’s devastation is minor when compared to the destruction leveled by the assisted reproductive technology industry. From IVF and 3-parent embryos to future technologies like self-cloning and artificial wombs, ethics have taken a back seat to the desire to parent, no matter what the cost.

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moving beyond human life

Emerging Tech

Artificial intelligences (AI), cyborgs, and ultimately, post-humans are no longer just part of a sci-fi plot. Currently, personhood is being sought for AI and transhumanists are planning the future of humanity itself. It is critical that we understand the impact this is having and will have on the human race.

The Discovery Institute

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The technoprogressive declaration

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