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Personhood Maryland

Defending personhood for all

Personhood Maryland defends and advances the foundational principle that all humans—from conception to natural death—are persons with an inviolable identity and dignity. Every person possesses a right to exist that is as equal and robust as that found among the most attractive, strong, intelligent, and capable among us. We acknowledge that personhood is logical, reasonable, and self-evident to those of good will, and we work to ensure society acknowledges and respects every human person.

Personhood is a reality that does not need our acceptance but, instead, is a reality that we need to accept if we are to act according to our own dignity as persons.

Protecting children from exploitation

Watch Georgia Kijesky at The Heritage Foundation’s Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization.

As part of its pro-family mission, Personhood Maryland has worked to uncover how the American Library Association and others are using taxpayer money to bring drag queen story hours and other similar events to libraries in resistant communities. The Personhood Alliance has partnered with LifeSite News on a petition that has been delivered to the ALA. Personhood Maryland is pursuing legislative action at the state level, which the Personhood Alliance is modeling across the country to help other affiliates defend God-designed sexuality and gender and protect children from the dangers these event pose.

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Founder Georgia Kijesky

Defending Maryland's children

When Personhood Maryland founder Georgia Kijesky discovered in 2017 that her local library was engaging in LGBTQ activism and the sexualization of children, she exposed it multiple times to authorities. Today, she’s continuing that effort by pressing for action against drag queen story hour and serving as the leader of Personhood Maryland to bring change at a higher level.

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