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Personhood Mississippi

Life Begins at Conception

In 2011, no other pro-life effort gathered as much attention and as much energy as Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment.  It was not easy for the thousands of Mississippian’s who poured their energy into the amendment to get back up after being defeated by a disinformation campaign paid for by Planned Parenthood and carried willingly by the media.  But the fact is that the child in the womb needs us today as much as she did in 2011, and that is why we at Personhood Mississippi continue to fight and are getting ready for the next big fight.  Join us today!

Help us reclaim Mississippi for life and for the greater glory of God.

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Meet the dedicated leadership team at Personhood MS.

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Learn what Personhood MS is doing to restore equal protection.

personhood pro-life


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amendment 26 was only the beginning

personhood is the answer

Personhood Mississippi’s Mission is to recognize that EVERY life conceived is created in the image of God.

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