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Personhood Nebraska: The standard-bearer

Personhood Nebraska seeks to be the standard-bearer for protection of life without exception. We work to change hearts and minds by preaching the Gospel and prophetically speaking to citizens and civil authorities alike to obey God and establish justice. We are a pioneer in Personhood Alliance’s Sanctuary Cities for Life initiative, where local cities and counties build a culture of life, call on state authorities to ignore the unjust, unconstitutional Roe decision, and pass and enforce local and state legislation to restore and protect life for every person created in the image of God.

We are committed to ending abortion by promoting and protecting life from conception with a consistent Christian approach.

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A call for justice

Sanctuary Cities for lIFE

Personhood NE co-leader Derek Rempe addresses the Lincoln city council about the injustice of abortion and the council members’ duty to protect all human life. This declaration is part of Step 1 in Personhood Alliance’s Sanctuary Cities for Life initiative.

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