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Personhood Nebraska

Personhood Nebraska: Love, Help & Protect

Personhood Nebraska is an organization of individuals and communities committed to loving every human being, helping those in need, and passing laws and resolutions that protect the physical and spiritual life of every human being.

We commit to love every human being in thought, word, and deed, and in Truth.

personhood pro-life

our team

Meet the dedicated leadership team:

Personhood Nebraska

P.O. Box 6044
Lincoln, NE 68506

personhood pro-life

current projects

Join us in supporting the  Sanctuary Cities for Life initiative.  Please click on the link to find out more and join us make your city or county a Sanctuary City for Life.


personhood pro-life


Contact Personhood Nebraska to discuss volunteer opportunities. 

A call for justice

Sanctuary Cities for lIFE

Personhood NE co-leader Derek Rempe addresses the Lincoln city council about the injustice of abortion and the council members’ duty to protect all human life. This declaration is part of Step 1 in Personhood Alliance’s Sanctuary Cities for Life initiative.

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