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Personhood Tennessee

Personhood TN is building a strong coalition for life

Personhood Tennessee is an advocate for human dignity and protection at all stages of life, from conception to the grave. We are building a coalition of people to advance personhood in the legislature and in front-line ministry. From doctors and legislators to pastors and pro-life chapter leaders, all of us are working together to cover Tennessee in prayer and grow a strong grassroots activist base that reaches all across the state. 

Advocating for human life from biological beginning to natural death, without exception.

personhood pro-life

our team

Meet the dedicated leadership team at Personhood TN.

personhood pro-life

current projects

Learn what Pro-Life Wisconsin is doing to restore equal protection.

personhood pro-life


Contact Pro-Life Wisconsin to discuss volunteer opportunities. 

personhood 101

start an affiliate in your state

We invite you to watch this short video to gain a brief historical perspective about personhood.  Then, please explore our site, learn all that you can, and if you feel moved to take a stand, apply to start an affiliate in your state!

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