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Foundations is a semi-monthly publication of Personhood Alliance Education, the 501(c)(3) subsidiary of the Personhood Alliance. Every 2 weeks, our readers get news from our affiliates, access to new educational tools, and inspirational feature stories from the front lines of the grassroots pro-life movement. Use the toggle menu below to check out some of our past issues.

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Personhood Alliance Education - Foundations

In this issue: Pro-abortion strategies and the rise of the states

Special issue: The state-level fight is here

In this issue: Trafficking victims, child abuse and personhood, and the big picture

In this issue: South Carolina and a new president

In this issue: “Dangerous personhood” and what pro-life unity looks like

In this issue: Designer twins, an elephant, and a pastor in jail

In this issue: State victories, common sense, and the power of stories

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