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New affiliate Personhood Minnesota to focus on abortion – trafficking connection

July 28, 2021

Contact: Les Riley, president, Personhood Alliance, les@personhood.org

The Personhood Alliance is excited to announce its newest affiliate, Personhood Minnesota. Personhood Minnesota joins 28 other affiliates across the country to advance no-exceptions, no-compromise personhood principles and aims to expose the connection between human trafficking and abortion in the state.
Amy Gerdes, president of Personhood Minnesota said, “I chose to partner with Personhood Alliance to be a reflective instrument of Christ’s love, mercy, and grace, that allows others to see Him through my words and deeds. Our focus will be on educating Minnesotans about how the abortion industry aids the trafficking industry here. We will also focus on educating people how to reach those society considers throw-away, the defenseless, and those who have no voice.”
Sarah Quale, president of Personhood Alliance Education, responded. “The Personhood Alliance is excited to partner with Amy and Personhood Minnesota on this critical niche in the pro-life movement. The FBI has identified Minneapolis as a city with a particularly high rate of child sex trafficking—one of the top cities in the US, in fact. And as we watch abortion numbers and rates in Minnesota climb to those not seen in almost 10 years, we must be intentional in connecting these two evil, destructive industries together.”
Quale continued: “An investigation by local prosecutors in Minnesota found that, in a period of 6 months, over 34,000 advertisements for child sex trafficking were posted for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. This horrific level of exploitation is directly connected to Minnesota’s abortion facilities, because abortion allows the vicious cycle of trafficking to continue.”
“The pro-life community in Minnesota must be informed about this connection and how to help those who have become its victims,” said Quale. “Personhood Minnesota will fill a critical role in the pro-life movement in the state.”
The Personhood Alliance is a confederation of independent pro-life organizations who pursue personhood as the essential strategy for restoring legal protections to every human being—from biological beginning to natural death, without exception—and who endeavor to uphold the Biblical worldview in 21st-century politics and culture by honoring God’s design for life, marriage, family, sexuality, and gender. Visit our affiliate map to find your state affiliate or to apply to become one.
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