Ohio: Heartless Heartland

The heartland of America embodies the American Dream. America’s heartland is a place where hard work and virtuous living open up a world of opportunities to those willing to try. Until recently, it was also synonymous with a religious and moral people.

Yesterday, Ohio voted to enshrine unlimited abortion into its state constitution following the footsteps of Michigan along with most coastal states. Not surprisingly, Ohioans also embraced the legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

Urban vs. Rural America

The map of the vote along with some exit polling paints a pretty clear picture of what happened: the urban and suburban areas along with one rural county where Ohio University is based overwhelmingly chose to legalize child sacrifice, while the rural areas of Ohio chose life.

Younger vs. Older Americans

The other demographic which explains the victory of abortion in Ohio is the vote according to age. The only age group that voted against abortion was the 65 and over group. Every other group voted in larger numbers, with the group of millennials and younger being the most pro-abortion of all.

Ready for a Wave of Pro-Abortion Campaigns?

A family member who wakes up very very early to go to work texted me to lament the results of the campaign in Virginia. His read, which will surely be similar to the interpretation of the media, was that Republicans can not run on abortion and win elections.

But it may actually be much worse than that. Experienced pro-life observers of the Virginia race know that Glen Youngkin is no stalwart pro-life leader. In fact, Virginia Republicans have done little to nothing on abortion for the last 20 years or so. While Republicans didn’t run on abortion, Democrats did, they ran millions of ads painting Republicans as pro-life extremists, while Republicans ran away from the issue. The result was a resounding defeat for Republicans in Virginia. Essentially, Democrats have neutered, pun intended, the Republican advantage gained by the egregious handling of COVID and the assault on parental rights by Virginia’s public schools.

What this means for 2024 is that no matter how much Donald Trump or any other Republican wishes to run away from abortion, Democrats are going to go full hog on painting Republicans as anti-woman anti-abortionists. As a result, they will be looking to replicate their crushing victories in the usual categories, urban and suburban counties and younger voters and hope that is enough to carry them over the top even with a nation crumbling under the corrupt leadership of Joe Biden.

An Alternative Strategy is Needed

Pro-lifers do seem to like fighting with an arm tied behind their back. In one campaign after another, the physical evidence of abortion, the mangled and dismembered bodies of the children sacrificed at the altar of abortion are avoided like the plague.

These images are horrible. They will shock young children and adults alike. But consider the alternative. Consider a nation so calloused and heartless that it decides to enshrine the murder of the innocent child in the womb. Perhaps pro-life campaigns need to begin to show the truth of abortion, and not just on a corner somewhere, but on college campuses and most importantly on the airwaves.

My friend and mentor, Dan Becker, litigated a case before the federal courts to vindicate the right of pro-life political candidates to show graphic abortion images in their television advertisements. Like the images of the holocaust, these graphic representations of what the “right” to abortion is are necessary to soften the heart of the increasingly hard hearted Americans.

The horrific images of the holocaust have been the most powerful tool to fight holocaust denial, the question pro-lifers should be asking themselves before it is too late is, should the pro-life movement fully embrace the displaying of graphic abortion images on the airwaves with real campaign financing behind it, or will we allow the lies of the abortion industry to prevail?

Clearly, the messaging of compassion and care for women is no match for the full throated embrace of hedonism and the deceptive euphemisms which deny the brutal reality of abortion.

In 2024, citizens of nearly a dozen states will go to the ballots to vote on abortion. Ohio serves as quite possibly the last warning for pro-lifers to seriously revisit their strategy of trying to fight the evil of abortion with one hand tied behind their back.

15 comments on “Ohio: Heartless Heartland

  1. David Bjornstrom says:

    Images of aborted babies could truly shock a conscience-dulled public to see what abortion really is. The abortion industry and its lackeys in the news media will always try to hide the truth about abortion and they’ll keep telling us that pictures of aborted babies are too “divisive” or upsetting. Overly-timid prolifers play right into their hands by politely refraining from displaying those images.

    Americans are a generous and sympathetic people when we see true victims. We rally to help hurricane victims when we see pictures on the news. We rush to support Ukraine and Israel when we see pictures of war. The truth is unpleasant but we need to see.

    Americans should be shown the actual victims of abortion just as they need to see cute pictures of health preborn babies in the womb.

    1. personhood_admin says:

      Hi David,
      Sorry about the delay in posting your comment. Our website is under constant spam attacks so we sometimes miss legitimate comments like yours. Our apology.

  2. MKC says:

    I strongly disagree. Matt Walsh analyzes the situation/causation well on his video.
    “Ohio Just Made a Horrible Decision”

  3. MKC says:

    It needs to be revealed to everyone, the hypocrisy of all those who claim to be horrified of the cruelty and killing of babies and children in Israel, then vote for the “right” to kill pre-born babies, even seconds before they emerge from the womb of their mother.

  4. I begged and pleaded with our Pro-Life warriors to NOT make his about abortion. It is too divisive and we have used the same argument way to long. And you are correct “An Alternative Strategy is Needed”
    What I recommended was that that we use the term that our adversaries were using= “rights” you know a woman’s right, or how about civil rights, transgender rights the there is the bill of rights, right?

    So using the word rights I think we could have leveled the playing field. What rights you say ,. that’s easy , this issue in Ohio was really about Parental Rights and if we had lead with that “right” I think we would have knocked our opponent down for the count.

    James Harrison
    Director http://www.naturalfamilystrong.com

  5. Carrie says:

    The hand tied behind prolifers’ backs is Natural Family Planning. The root of the abortion problem and the slippery slope that got us here and redefined sexuality is artificial birth control. Artificial birth control puts artificial hormones in the sewage system, causes breast cancer and blood clots in women, and creates inequality in relationships. What feminist woman do you know who agrees with that? I don’t know any! Natural Family Planning is how we win them. Learn about and then share and teach Natural Family Planning! Natural Family Planning is the BEAUTIFUL SOLUTION the prolife movement can offer! It is the goldmine to win hearts and minds! Graphic pictures may have a place, but people are so used to gore at this point that I don’t think these pictures will have as much impact as we may think. Punishing not just the supply side of abortion, but also the demand side, needs to be considered and discussed, but it is a tough sell from where we are at now. Natural Family Planning, on the other hand, is not as tough a sell. It is a place we can start to find common ground between men and women and proabort and prolifers. It is a place women and men can start to heal body, soul and spirit. It is a positive and reconciling solution. I wish the prolife movement would promote it a lot more.

    1. Bethany says:

      I have to ask you after reading your post, what is the purpose of abortion? It may seem like a pointless question but stop and really think about it for a moment. The reason women have abortions is because they do not want to have this child. Oh they may have many reasons for not wanting it from wanting to live their own life free of stretch marks and diapers to thinking they do not have the money or relationship to raise a child but the bottom line is, they do not want this child. Now, why do woman use birth control? They do not want to have a child the same as a woman who has an abortion does not want to have a child. Why does a woman who uses natural family planning any different than one who uses birth control or has an abortion? The bottom line in all cases is a woman does not want to have a child. They want to have sex, they do not want the responsibility that comes with it. The cancer that is eating America from the inside out is selfishness, women and men who want to spend their lives having as much fun and pleasure as possible without giving life to others. Yes this way of life does require sacrifice and trust in God but it has its reward in this life and in the next. Yes, abortion is a horrible horrible thing but at least that child who is killed does have a soul and will be happy forever in Heaven. What about the children that would have been but were not even allowed to come into existence in the first place because someone “wanted more of a gap between children” “wanted to save up some money first” “wanted to buy a house” “needed a better job”? Even those with health problems may have found them not to be as dire as first thought, I know of countless woman told they should not go on to have more children and did anyway, now those kids are here to live their own lives and make a difference in this world because their mother had the courage not to NFP them out of existence. Just think about the end game here, I think many good hearted people who truly hate abortion and want to stop it really don’t realize that birth control of all kind is in the same boat

  6. Pauline Cyr says:

    I was shocked this morning about the news in Ohio.It sounds about right that it was rigged again.This is the devil’s work and there will be repercussions in this country; just a matter of time. God will not put up with this forever and we need to pray , pray even if we have been defeated again 🙏🏻Jesus I trust in you 🥰🙏🏻

  7. david carr says:

    Sally B has a good point: the Medical Industrial complex has been severely corrupted. There was no overwhelming outcry by American Medical Association and other doctor organizations when Roe v Wade was decided. Most doctors worldwide supported the already discredited masking, lockdowns, and distancing. Then most of them promoted the lethal mRNA inoculations. AND the people believed the liars.
    We need a spiritual revival so that people will believe the truth that Jesus Christ is the Risen and Ruling LORD of all, only His Word (the Bible) is the absolute law of the universe, and that salvation is grace alone through faith alone by Christ alone.
    So, while we work on the spiritual front, we also love our neighbors by advocating for the unborn and help those in difficult circumstances that prompt them to consider abortion as a viable option.

  8. abortion is a crime. Definitely. No discussion.

    The interests of some people who profit from the use of babies bodies is more criminal, but they act strongly to protect the huge profitability of their sale of human parts.
    And the general public falls into their comments.

    1. Marie Reichelt says:

      Everyone get bumper stickers “Yes America, Abortion is murder!”

  9. NB says:

    … at sidewalk vigils in front of the abortion mills, we are told Not to display graphic images by event coordinators. They always advise to keep it non-graphic, no gore. If this strategy proves effective going forward, the results of an abortion have to be stomached even by pro-lifers themselves. It is hard, this coming from someone who experienced a miscarriage.

    1. MKC says:

      I agree with your comment, NB. I, myself, turn away when I see those gory images, which is exactly why they should be revealed to those who are making a life or death decision.

  10. Br Christopher Ryan Avery SOLT says:

    The Lord God Is The One And Only!!! The Greatest And The Best!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    JESUS I Trust In YOU!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    LORD JESUS Thank You!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Lord Jesus Christ Savior Redeemer Please Have Mercy On us!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Lord Jesus Thank You That You Are Always True!!! Right!!! Just!!! Pure!!! Omnipresent!!! Omniscient!!! Omnipotent! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sally B says:

      I live in the metro Cleveland area. The town I live in is Democrat controlled, has been for ages, probably will be for years to come. Labor Unions are God around here.

      I walk the neighborhood during the day, it’s mostly safe and clean. I can tell you that without a doubt WE THE PEOPLE oppose issue 1. I’ve counted the yard signs and Vote No outnumbered the Vote Yes signs about 20 to 1. In addition, as you can guess, many people don’t want Vote No signs in their yards fearing vandalism.

      Nonetheless, as you know, big money wants Issue 1 to pass, they could lose billions in revenue if it fails. You must be aware of the real problem: Ohio is huge in the Medical Industry. Secretary of State Frank LaRose certified fake names to get the issue on the ballot. I personally saw lots of people refusing to sign and oppose the employees of the ACLU that were collecting signatures. There is a video of some one admitting he was paid for the names. It just so happens that LaRose is running for US Senate now…gee, who is really big in funding politicians? I voted No but stand convinced that the election has already been stolen. LaRose is in on the fix and now the lefties, especially the Medical Industrial Complex, will fund his campaign via some fake name org and he will do their dirty work.

      There is early voting here; Gateway Pundit showed a video from just last week of someone stuffing the ballot drop off box. Of course, there will be no consequences. My prayers throughout this ordeal has been that all fraud and evil be exposed. I saw with my own eyes that the will of the people does not want Issues 1.

      God have mercy on us, Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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