Personhood candidate wins Alaska State House seat

By Deborah Riffenburgh — Despite opposition from his own party, Christopher Kurka, founding board member of the Personhood Alliance and former executive director of Personhood Alliance affiliate Alaska Right to Life, was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives. Kurka will fight to end abortion funding and pass a Life at Conception Act to advance no exceptions, no compromise personhood principles.


A personhood veteran

Christopher Kurka is no stranger to the pro-life movement. The son of pro-life activists, Kurka likes to say he was “born into this work.” At a young age, he began working with Alaska Right to Life, and quickly ascended to Vice President and then Executive Director. Kurka was a founding board member of the Personhood Alliance, of which Alaska Right to Life is a founding affiliate. Christopher’s essay, “The Myth of Judicial Supremacy and the Nullification of Federal Tyranny” is featured in the Personhood Alliance’s book, Personhood: The Tree of Life. He is also sponsoring Alaska’s Life at Conception Act, HB178.

Personhood Alliance - Christopher Kurka, Alaska

Christopher Kurka

 Opposition from his own party

“Much of Alaska’s political class really don’t want to touch [abortion].  It’s a devastating reality and one that I am committed to change.”

Kurka ran as an unapologetically pro-life candidate—someone whose track record shows he will offer more than the mere “lip service” to ending abortion in Alaska. Kurka ran in the District 7 Republican primary against Lynn Gattis and faced opposition at the state and national level due to his no-exceptions stand for life. The State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party poured over $30,000 into his opponent Gattis’ campaign. Despite resistance from the Republican establishment, Christopher won the primary by 71% of the vote. In the general election yesterday, Christopher defeated Jamin Burton (independent) with 79% of the vote.

 A new kind of politician

“First and foremost, I am a man who loves his family and who seeks to glorify God in everything I do.”

Kurka is a man of principle and integrity. He is devoted to God, to his wife Haley, and their 4 young sons. He states that he is “unequivocally pro-life” and believes he has a “God-given call” to influence government for righteousness:

“We have listened to one promise after another from politicians who are pro-life on election day but refuse to lift a finger to fight against abortion-on-demand once elected. I believe this must stop. But not only do I believe it must stop, I have spent a large part of my life fighting for it to stop.”

Now that he’s been elected to the Alaska House of Representatives, Kurka is committed to passing a Life at Conception Act and to end all taxpayer funding for abortion.

Les Riley, president of the Personhood Alliance notes, “All of us at the Personhood Alliance offer our congratulations. We are excited to see personhood principles be recognized by voters and look forward to their advancement in the great state of Alaska!”

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Deborah Riffenburgh is the social media coordinator for the Personhood Alliance and has been active in pro-life media for several years. But most importantly, she’s a California mom who is fighting against the lies of our culture and for the protection of every human being without exception.

8 comments on “Personhood candidate wins Alaska State House seat

  1. Ruth Stiff says:

    Yes! We need more brave, upright, followers of God like Mr. Kurka to rally many people with him to fight the forces of darkness that Satan has blinded in the death culture around the world. Prayers for continued success of the PERSONHOOD ALLIANCE.

  2. Brenda Cote says:

    Alaska you are blessed to have Mr. Kurka. We need more righteous people like him to
    represent us in Canada. God Bless you Sir mightily!!

  3. Barry Desmond says:

    Are there any affiliates in Canada?

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      We are currently forming relationships with international partners with plans to expand into other countries next year!

  4. Congratulations Mr. Kurka and thank you for standing up for your beliefs and the value of life.

  5. Eva Gilbert says:

    Amen, we need of God fearing people to represent all of us that believe in ending the lives of our babies that cannot speak for themselves but as God has given us an open door to stop the bloodshed of His children our children the future generations. God Bless you Sir

  6. Elsa Caputi says:

    First I want to congratulate Christopher on his election. We need more righteous, God fearing people in the government. We need to turn the wave on this “culture of death” that prevails in our country.The dignity of human beings must be restored. Life from the moment of conception to natural death!!

  7. Deb Roberts says:

    Awesome ! Congrats to him for winning the election! Sounds like he is going to make a strong change in Alaska!!

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