Many organizations use petitions solely to build their email lists and raise money, but they don’t leverage the power of the petition to actually make change happen. Personhood Alliance’s petition strategy is different. We have hand-delivered hundreds of thousands of signatures in-person, directly to our petition targets, including the FDA, the HHS, universities, Congressional offices, and even the American Library Association! We believe in the power of The People and appreciate your trust.

Featured petition: Restore personhood

Add your name to this ongoing, rapidly growing petition to restore personhood to every human being, at every stage of development, and in every circumstance.

Personhood Alliance

Featured petition: Tell Sesame Street to drop the drag queen episode

Though it’s not the first time Sesame Street has promoted an LGBTQ theme, a new episode, which will air on HBO before coming to PBS, is part of a much larger effort. From school sex ed curricula, to drag queen story hours in libraries, to children’s television, kids are being inundated with age-inappropriate subject matter. Read more about the “drag episode” of Sesame Street here.

Sign our petition to demand that HBO and AT&T (the parent company of HBO) drop this episode.

Personhood - Billy Porter Sesame Street drag queen
Cross-dressing activist Billy Porter appears in the gender-bending episode of Sesame Street

Featured petition: Support the Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act

On January 8, 2020, Missouri Rep. Ben Baker introduced the Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act (HB 2044) to protect minors from age-inappropriate, sexually explicit materials and events at libraries. HB 2044 is based on model legislation developed by the Personhood Alliance, which is now being considered in many states across the country. The opposition to this bill has been swift, strong, and full of misinformation, even death threats.

Sign our petition to tell Rep. Baker that you support this effort. We will deliver this petition directly to him and reference it in every state that’s considering this model. The more signatures, the greater the encouragement!

Personhood Alliance - Mythbusting Missouri drag queen story hour bill
Drag queen story hours and other similar events endanger children by introducing age-inappropriate concepts and confusion and have even given sex offenders access to kids

Past petitions with our partner LifeSiteNews

Let Arline Lester live!Arline Lester, a 91-year-old woman from Long Island, New York, was forcibly euthanized after clearly expressing her desire to live. Our petition, viral article, and exclusive video of Arline brought this injustice into the light.

Keep prostitution illegal in DC – Nearly 10,000 signatures and our widely-read report on this effort helped kill the bill!

Tell U.S. libraries to stop pushing drag queens on our kids – We delivered 100,000 signatures in-person to the American Library Association (including a separate CitizenGo petition)

Tell the National Education Association to stop pushing abortion on our kids – We are leveraging signatures from this petition to pressure Congress to expose the dangers of NEA policies and the pressure they put on teachers to promote ungodly agendas.

Tell the American Medical Association to stop attacking abortion pill reversal treatment – We delivered nearly 15,000 signatures to the AMA’s office and they refused to meet with us to receive them

Personhood Alliance - Library drag queen story hour
The American Library Association is part of an intentional, taxpayer-funded effort to corrupt God-designed sexuality and gender

Past Petitions with CitizenGo

Ending the FDA’s taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts, calling out pro-abortion politicians for supporting infanticide and euthanasia, standing against the censorship of Christians, and demanding our pro-life legislators do what they say they believe—these are just a few of our petition initiatives that have helped us hand-deliver hundreds of thousands of signatures directly to our petition targets!

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