Featured petition: Thank you for stopping the pro-abortion lobbying

On Tuesday, March 26th, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced a decision to expand the Mexico City policy and fully implement the Siljander Amendment. Put forth by congress in 1981 but never acted upon—until now—the Siljander Amendment applies to all organizations that receive U.S. foreign aid, not just health-related organizations that refer or perform abortions. This means any international organization that lobbies for abortion can now be denied U.S. taxpayer funding, and it’s already started with the Organization of American States (OAS).

Sign our petition to say thank you to Secretary Pompeo and President Trump for standing up to the global abortion lobby and ask them to audit all international organizations as part of implementing the Siljander Amendment.

Sec. Pompeo announces bold efforts to defund abortion internationally by implementing the Siljander Amendment for the first time.

“Restoring the personhood of pre-born children isn’t just about passing new pro-life laws, it’s also about enforcing the ones we already have! Defunding the international abortion industry and their globalist allies is a morally consistent way we can work to advance personhood.”


—Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., Personhood Alliance president

Featured petition: Stand with Ryan Magers and all dads who want to protect their pre-born children from abortion

For too long, men have been pushed away by the abortion industry and the law. This has forced women into situations where they feel they are alone, and it has encouraged men to abandon pregnant mothers and use abortion to avoid responsibility. This has to stop!

Ryan Magers, a 21-year-old dad from Alabama, is standing up. With the help of our affiliate, Personhood Alabama, Ryan is suing the abortion facility and the pharmaceutical company in the wrongful death of his child, Baby Roe, who was killed despite his pleas for her life. In an historic ruling, Madison County probate judge Frank Barger, decided that Ryan’s case can move forward.

Sign this petition to let Ryan and Judge Barger know you stand with them in defending the personhood of pre-born children!

Personhood Alliance - Alabama dad sues abortion clinic
21-year-old Ryan Magers is suing the abortion facility and a pharmaceutical company for the wrongful death of his aborted baby

“We will personally deliver this petition to the Alabama court, to show that our supporters stand with Ryan, Judge Barger, and all dads who want to care for and love their pre-born children.”

—Gualberto Garcia Jones, Personhood Alliance president

Active petitions

Ending the FDA’s taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts, calling out pro-abortion politicians for supporting infanticide, standing against the censorship of Christians, and demanding our pro-life legislators do what they say they believe—these are just a few of our petition initiatives that have helped us hand-deliver over 100,000 signatures!

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