Featured petition: Restore personhood

Add your name to this ongoing, rapidly growing petition to restore personhood to every human being, at every stage of development, and in every circumstance.

Personhood Alliance

Featured petition: Tell Netflix to back off Georgia

Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, has vowed to “work with the ACLU and others to fight [Georgia’s heartbeat law] in court.” This certainly isn’t the first time Netflix has brazenly gone up against the pro-life, pro-family worldview, but for thousands of Christians, the attack on the heartbeat law is the last straw.

The Personhood Alliance and our affiliate Georgia Right to Life believe that ALL human life should be protected from conception and without exceptions, so we do not support the law itself. However, we can all agree that Hollywood’s attack against Georgia is an attack against all pro-life Christians. We can and should unite on this.

Sign our petition to send Netflix a strong economic message and commit to cancelling your subscription (or if you don’t have one, asking a friend or family member to do so). Tell Netflix you won’t give them a single dollar to help pro-abortion organizations attack the state of Georgia.

Personhood Alliance - Netflix boycott petition Georgia heartbeat law
Netflix was the first studio to come out against the GA law. Others like Disney and WarnerMedia have now followed.

“We have already seen Christians lose their businesses and their jobs for refusing to violate their Christian conscience. We must stand up to these bullies now or risk greater and greater persecution.”


—Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., Personhood Alliance president

Featured petition: Stop the legalization of euthanasia in New York

First, it was the radically pro-abortion Reproductive Health Act. Now, Gov. Cuomo has announced his support of the Medical Aid in Dying Act. This bill would make people who have as much as 10 years to live “eligible” for assisted suicide, where a doctor prescribes a lethal dose of drugs that the person self-administers. But the bill also allows the lethal dose to be given by someone other than the person committing suicide, if they cannot self-administer. This is legalization of euthanasia, which has a terrible record of abuse and cover-ups. Major healthcare leaders in NY are connected to the “death with dignity” movement and are eager to use their state as a trigger for the rest of the country.

Sign our petition to stop Gov. Cuomo and the NY legislature’s deadly agenda. 

Personhood Alliance - NY Gov. Cuomo
Gov. Cuomo has announced his support of legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia in New York.

“If this bill passes, both assisted suicide and euthanasia will be synonymous with the term palliative care, and we could see the next wave of pro-death bills spread across the country ‘inspired’ by New York.”


—Dawn Eskew, president Personhood NY and NY Against Assisted Suicide

Featured petition: Pre-born children are not parasites

A University of California – San Diego biology professor was recently exposed by a pro-life student’s cell phone picture for teaching that pre-born children are parasites. The student sent the picture to her friend, an MD candidate at Stanford, who posted it on Twitter where it went viral. History is replete with examples where fake science has been used to spread evil ideologies. This has always been the hallmark of brutality, dehumanization, and oppression.

Sign our petition to send a direct message to Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla and tell him this must not continue at UC San Diego!

Personhood Alliance - petition
A UC San Diego student captured this image in her “Biology of Disease” class, where the professor compared pre-born children to parasites.

“This type of language has always been used by those with power to get rid of those who are inconvenient to them.”


—Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., Personhood Alliance president

Active petitions

Ending the FDA’s taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts, calling out pro-abortion politicians for supporting infanticide, standing against the censorship of Christians, and demanding our pro-life legislators do what they say they believe—these are just a few of our petition initiatives that have helped us hand-deliver over 175,000 signatures!

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