Senator Tuberville Continues to Stand Strong Against Biden’s Pro-Abortion Pentagon

As covered previously by American Pro-lifer, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville continues to steadfastly oppose the illegal pro-abortion policy announced by Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin just days after the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade.

Senator Tuberville has stated that unless the Pentagon rescinds the policy of paying for service members to travel from pro-life states to pro-abortion states to kill their children, he will not allow any voice votes to confirm President Biden’s military promotions.

Besides the direct impact on the lives of the preborn children of military members who are in danger of an abortion, the courageous stance by Senator Tuberville may have the salutary effect of slowing down President Biden’s attempt to impose wokeness on the military through the appointment of racists and climate alarmists.

GOP Military Hawks Try to Circumvent Tuberville

Last week, Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska led a group of GOP lawmakers, including Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, in an effort to advance the promotions of 61 military nominees circumventing Senator Tuberville’s holds.

Senator Sullivan, disagreeing with Tuberville’s approach, suggested focusing holds on policy-related positions instead, implying that respecting the rule of law that forbids the military from paying for abortions is somehow not an acceptable policy position. He, along with Ernst, highlighted the distinguished careers of the service members awaiting promotion, and criticized Tuberville’s tactics for causing gridlock and potentially delighting America’s adversaries. Senator Lindsey Graham, also opposing Tuberville, suggested legal action against the military policy rather than holding up nominations, expressing frustration when Tuberville objected to individual promotions.

While the media has painted Senator Tuberville’s stand as an impasse, the reality is that his hold merely prevents the Senate from confirming military appointees by unanimous voice vote and requires the body to pass each nominee with a separate vote. Democrats and GOP military hawks oppose this method because it would slow down the process.

GOP Sends Letter to Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin

Later this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to introduce a resolution for quick confirmation of these officers, meanwhile 27 Republicans, including Lindsay Graham have written a strongly worded letter to Secretary of Defense Austin asking for the pentagon’s pro-abortion policy to be reversed.

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