Should Pro-Lifers Vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election?

For more than half a century Republicans have carried the banner of the right to life in their party platform.  The current GOP party platform, which was adopted in 2016, includes calls for a human life amendment to the Constitution and for legislation to make clear that the 14th Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.  Republican politicians never really followed through with this promise, but with very rare exceptions, Republican candidates up and down the ballot and across the fruited plains of America upheld an unapologetic, if sometimes insincere, pro-life narrative.  

When candidates like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump magically became pro-life just in time to run for president, no one was very surprised.  However, unlike other politicians before him, Donald Trump actually followed through with his campaign promise to pro-lifers, appointing pro-life Americans up and down his administration from Vice President Pence to his solid Supreme Court picks.  President Trump even became the first sitting US president to attend the annual National March for Life in person.

After Roe

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the summer of 2022 Democrats in every institution they control (media, culture, education, business, and the administrative state)  sprung into action to defend their most unholy sacrament of abortion with all guns blazing.  Pro-lifers, on the other hand, struggled to transtition from working to limit abortion on the fringes as they had during the five decades of Roe v. Wade, to a full throated proactive advocacy for the right to life.  

Like a prisoner released after five decades behind bars, the pro-life movement wandered aimlessly while the pro-abortion side was fully mobilized for a cultural and political war without precedent.  Then, the midterm elections of 2022 happened.

Money Wins Elections

It is an open secret that money wins elections.  After Roe v. Wade was overturned, the left unified around abortion and flooded pro-abortion campaigns with vast sums of money: new Silicon Valley money, old East Coast finance and industry money, dark money from George Soro’s web of shady astro-turf non-profits, real grass roots money from the leftist rank and file, and above all else, blood money from the high priest of death itself, Planned Parenthood.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2022 post election survey found that while Republicans spent 10 million dollars on pro-life ads, Democrats spent 450 million dollars on pro-abortion ads.

The result was predictable, a veritable political Blitzkrieg in which heartland states like Michigan and Ohio, and solidly Republican states like Kansas and Kentucky voted in favor of abortion.

As soon as the election results of the 2022 midterm were in, the pro-abortion media and the political class on both sides of the aisle declared the pro-life movement to be politically dead, completely ignoring the fact that pro-lifers had been completely overrun by pro-abortion propaganda from the mainstream media and a veritable flood of pro-abortion campaign contributions.  

Unfortunately, most Americans including most of the GOP strategists and many pro-lifers themselves, believed then, and still believe the narrative that America has become pro-abortion.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall

But Donald Trump, the self-professed “most pro-life president in American history” went a step further than just lamenting the loss of the multiple statewide ballot initiatives, he blamed pro-lifers for the lost opportunity to regain the US Senate and establish a strong majority in the House of Representatives.

In keeping with one of his worst character traits, Trump sought to place the blame for his own failure in leadership upon a convenient scapegoat.  Ignoring his role in the selection of poor candidates and his lackluster midterm fundraising, Trump instead openly blamed the midterm election losses on pro-lifers.  In one public statement after another, Trump turned on pro-lifers describing  the very pro-lifers who had supported him for the last six years as extreme and politically untenable.

Like all narcissits Trump took all the credit for the pro-life movement’s 50 year battle to overturn Roe v. Wade, while turning on the movement as soon as the going got difficult.  Just as suddenly as he had become pro-life, Trump stopped referring to himself as pro-life and indeed, begun to openly attack pro-life legislation.

Sending abortion back to the states?

President Trump’s official pro-life position for the 2024 general election is that his work as a pro-lifer is finished.  He appointed the three decisive Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade and now it is up to the states to defend the right to life.  Of course, not only is that an erroneous reading of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, it is also not the official Republican party platform position of supporting federal legislation including a constitutional amendment and 14th amendment personhood legislation.

Although most political and legal pundits will state that abortion is now up to the states, that is not what Dobbs v. Jackson declared.  Alito’s majority opinion repeatedly stated that “the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.”  Kavanaugh’s concurrence is even more explicit: “The Constitution is neutral and leaves the issue for the people and their elected representatives to resolve through the democratic process in the States or Congress …”

In other words, the Supreme Court did not rule that the legality of abortion is up to the states exclusively, it ruled that the constitution does not guarantee a right to abortion and therefore the regulation or prohibition of abortion is a matter for the people to decide through the democratic process, in the local, state and federal legislatures.  Correcting this misconception among Republicans is crucial because the truth is that Democrats, including president Biden, are using the full force of the federal government to promote abortion at a federal level and  Republicans must be willing to do battle on the federal as well as the state level.

Just as Americans can’t afford to elect a commander in chief who is unable or unwilling to defend America against its enemies, pro-life Americans cannot afford to elect a chief executive unwilling to defend the right to life.

Trump turns on pro-lifers in Alabama, Arizona, and Florida

Unfortunately, Trump has not only washed his hands of his responsibility to fight against the evil of abortion, but has begun to fight in favor of abortion.

In May of 2023, as part of his primary campaign against Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump called Florida’s heartbeat abortion ban “too harsh” and a “terrible thing, a terrible mistake”.

In February of 2024, the Alabama Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling in which it held that embryonic children conceived through IVF were protected by Alabama’s Human Life Amendment (approved by a wide margin after a statewide vote in 2019).  The opinion of the Alabama Supreme Court was a massive pro-life victory. Unfortunately, after an immediate media barrage attacking the Alabama Supreme Court opinion, the state legislature hastily convened to pass legislation to attempt to neutralize the state Supreme Court ruling.  Soon thereafter Trump posted a video on his “Truth” social media network, laying out his position on abortion, touting his role in overturning Roe v. Wade and “returning abortion back to the states” [sic] while simultaneously calling for federal legislation, not to protect the right to life, but to ensure the continued inhumane and unregulated practice of IVF.  The speech is remarkable not only for its inconsistancy on the role of the federal government in protecting the right to life, which is, by the way, never mentioned directly, but in that it spends more time assuring Americans of what he will not do (ban abortion in the cases of rape, incest, life of the mother) than on what he will do for the right to life if elected to a second term, which is, well, nothing.

Just weeks after the Alabama debacle, the same scenario played out in Arizona.  First, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a stunning decision upholding the state’s pre-Roe abortion ban.  Arizona’s abortion ban, passed in 1864, was a product of the national movement taking place shortly after the civil war.  The Arizona law prohibiting abortion was adopted with the very first criminal code issued by the newly created Territory of Arizona.  It also happened as congress and the states debated the 14th amendment. 

The Arizona law prohibited all intentional abortions and included an exception for medical treatment intended to save the life of the mother.  It did not include exceptions stripping children conceived through rape of the right to life.  In essence, the 1864 Arizona law was the type of comprehensive legislation pro-lifers aspire to pass in every state in order to truly end the abortion holocaust.

Again, the media furor was immediate and intense, and again the Republican party, led by Donald Trump and Trump surrogate Kari Lake came out in public, not to defend the pro-life law, but to attack it and characterize pro-lifers who support the law as extreme. “It’ll be straightened out and as you know, it’s all about states’ rights,” Trump told reporters shortly after the Arizona Supreme Court ruling. “It’ll be straightened out, and I’m sure that the governor and everybody else are going to bring it back into reason and that’ll be taken care of, I think, very quickly.”  Adding to Trump’s public call to dismantle Arizona’s pro-life law, Kari Lake also made her position known, issuing an official statement highlighting her opposition to the abortion ban, but also to any federal abortion bans.  “I oppose today’s ruling, and I am calling on [Governor] Katie Hobbs and the state Legislature to come up with an immediate commonsense solution that Arizonans can support” stated Ms. Lake.  Notwithstanding the intense pressure and complete lack of support from the leadership of the Republican party, the Arizona House of Representatives fought hard to hold the line and preserve the pro-life law, but eventually the pressure got to enough Republicans, who joined every Democrat in repealing the pro-life law. 

Abortion on the Ballot in 2024

While Donald Trump spends his presidential campaign’s money and time fighting off the politically motivated lawsuits brought against him in New York City, Washington DC, and Atlanta, Democrats are doubling down on the promotion of child sacrifice all across America.

Ballot initiatives to enshrine the killing of children in the womb as a state constitutional right have been approved or are in the process of being approved in at least eleven states: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, and South Dakota.

The only national Republican leader to date to have come out against any of these pro-abortion ballot measures is Governor Ron DeSantis, and even he is not exactly running hard on the defense of pro-life laws.

In most cases, it appears that the 2022 midterm is being replayed in 2024 with Republican leaders attempting to run away from their official pro-life positions while Democrats double down with the overwhelming force of a shamefully biased pro-abortion media and almost unlimited campaign funds.  

Fight, Run, or Give In?

Almost every sincere Evangelical, Catholic, and person of faith that supports Trump is unhappy with the former president’s decision to run away from the pro-life cause. Yet, most feel that he is justified in abandoning the pro-life movement in order to win the election.  This is wrong on several grounds.

Trump cannot run away from his past pro-life statements.  For the four years of his presidency Donald Trump proudly embraced his pro-life identity.  Arguably, the most consequential decisions he made were the three appointments to the Supreme Court, which he repeatedly stated would be solidly pro-life.  Through a providential turn of events, President Trump was able to replace pro-abortion Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with pro-lifer Amy Coney Barrett just before the 2020 election and the rest is history. Whether he likes it or not, Trump will now be known as the president who overturned Roe v. Wade with his Supreme Court appointments.

To think that turning on pro-lifers in Florida, Alabama and Arizona is going to erase the pro-life legacy of his first term is unrealistic.  Democrats and the media do not deal in nuance, in fact, when it comes to abortion, they exclusively deal in lies and deception.  The left has no problem denying such self evident truths as the definition of a woman or the humanity of a child in a mother’s womb.  They ignore the inescapable reality of late term abortion in America but will fabricate stories to highlight a fantasmagorical epidemic of victims of forced pregnancy.

No matter how many times Trump states that he supports abortion in cases of rape and thinks a heartbeat abortion ban is a terrible idea, or calls on legislatures to drop their abortion bans for “reasonable” compromises where 95% of abortions are permitted, the left will portray him as the enemy of women.

For the fifty year history of the abortion culture war, one Republican candidate after another has taken a solid pro-life stance during the primary only to walk it back during the general election.  It never works.  The media is in lockstep with the abortion lobby and they exact maximum damage on anyone who has even a hint of a pro-life record.

Most importantly, by running away from the fight for life, Trump is signaling weakness and in doing so is undermining his greatest strength, which is a rejection of political pragmatism in favor of bold policy positions.

To his credit, Trump seems to have intuitively grasped the hopelessness of maintaining a weak pro-life position, which explains why he has begun to actively advocate against the pro-life laws in Florida, Alabama, and Arizona.  In other words, realizing that running away from abortion probably won’t work, and clearly unwilling to actively fight as a pro-lifer, Trump has decided to give in and join the other side.

Confident that his cult-like following will forgive him for anything, Trump has proactively and openly decided to throw the pro-life movement under his political campaign bus.

A Faustian bargain

If Trump’s short-term pact with the devil works and he is able to eliminate any real consideration of abortion from the electoral political calculus, how will this play in the long term for the pro-life movement and the soul of America?

The term “Faustian bargain” refers to a deal in which a person sacrifices their moral integrity, values, or principles in exchange for power, knowledge or material gain.  The term originates from the legend of Faust, a character in German folklore who makes a pact with the devil, trading his soul for unlmited knowledge and worldly pleasures.  The moral of the German folk tale is that selfish and immoral short-term decisions end up in regret and tragedy.

If the pro-life movement gives Donald Trump a pass in the 2024 election, supporting him even after he has re-joined the pro-abortion movement at the state level and has signaled his unwillingness to fight for the right to life at the federal level, then the movement will have sealed  its fate forever.

If the pro-life movement accepts to take abortion off the political table, it will never be able to hold future politicians accountable for a lack of commitment to a cause the movement itself decided to abandon in 2024.

If this observation is correct, then, contrary to what most pro-lifers currently believe, Trump does not even represent the lesser of two evils, but rather the greater threat to the pro-life movement and the longterm peace and stability of the nation.

What should a pro-lifer do?

As always, we should follow our conscience.  This doesn’t mean we only ever accept perfect candidates.  Wisdom teaches us not to place our hope in politicians, no matter what they say.  However, when a politician openly states that he is not willing to advocate in favor of the most important moral issue of his party’s political platform, and backs that up with attacks on current pro-life laws, then we have a moral duty not to vote for this candidate.

This is why, no matter how much you agree with Joe Biden’s socialist policies, his environmental advocacy, or his supposed concern for immigrants; as long as he promotes the killing of preborn children, Christians should never vote for him.  Likewise, if you agree with Donald Trump’s America First policies, capitalist economic promises, and promotion of sovereignty over our borders, and yet he actively supports 95% of abortions, then you should also not vote for him.

It may very well be that in 2024, every major candidate will support 95-100% of abortions.  As of the writing of this article that is certainly the case with Joe Biden, RFK Jr., and Donald Trump.  In such a scenario, one should look for an independent pro-life candidate or an openly pro-life party such as the Constitution Party.  The voter could also send a strong message to future politicians desiring the pro-life vote by leaving the vote for the office of the President blank, while voting for other offices down the ticket.  Doing this will show the Republican party that they cannot win without the pro-life vote. 

What is clear is that if pro-lifers actively support a candidate who has vowed to do nothing for the right to life and is currently attacking pro-life laws in the states, then the pro-life movement will have committed political suicide.

Instead, pro-lifers should attempt to convert candidates to an openly pro-life position, and if the candidate refuses, that candidate should not get the pro-life vote, no matter what party the candidate belongs to.

Time will tell the consequences of the 2024 presidential election, as always, the future is in God’s hands, but if the bible is our guide, we would do well to stay away from worshiping false idols and from participating or cooperating with child sacrifice no matter which party is promoting the killing.

11 comments on “Should Pro-Lifers Vote for Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election?

  1. RosaVera says:

    Why are we even thinking about it..?
    We are all voting for President Trump..!
    Why even debate..? A vote for Biden or any Liberal or Democrat is a sure bet that not only abortion will be enshrined in our Constitution but also any of us fighting against the killing of children will be in jail..! Right now warriors for Life are in jail like Fr. Fidelis, and Joan Bell, and Will Goodman, and Laura Handy, and many more… Are all personages that God gave us or has used been 100% squeaky clean and perfect..? Only one, our Lord and Savior Jesus. No one can be a Christian, a person of faith, and vote for any Democrat..!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    President Donald Trump deserves all of our support, all of our gratitude, and all of our heartfelt prayers – and especially all of our VOTES – between now and November 5th. He is the MOST PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT our Nation has ever had! In 2016 he promised the American People that he would only nominate pro-life US Supreme Court judges, and he did! After 50 years of Roe v Wade, thanks to President Trump, on June 24, 2022, Roe v Wade was overturned! Now it is up to the citizens of each State to pass pro-life laws to protect unborn children, including over one million frozen and “orphaned” IVF children outside of the womb. President Trump supports access to fertility treatments in every state AND he also wants every state to pass their own laws to protect every unborn child whether he or she is in the mother’s womb, or is waiting to be brought home by its parents, or adopted. The Democrats’ Senate Bill is demanding unlimited IVF, absolutely no IVF regulations whatsoever, and will prohibit any State from passing any pro-life laws to restrict and regulate IVF from harming and killing IVF embryos. As Pro-Lifers we must be informed, we must take action, and we must get our family and friends to vote in this Election. There is only one pro-life candidate for President in this Election: President Donald J. Trump. Please pray and vote.

  3. Serenity says:

    I’m for zero abortions, period. There is only one choice, if his enemies don’t throw him in jail, and that is Donald J. Trump. If that happens, then there will not be a choice, sadly. And Pro-lifers, J6ers will never get out of jail. Calling those of us that support DJT, a ‘cult following’ is the language of the left.

  4. Mr. Francis Mark Sater says:

    Trump’s main appeal to me is to be the democrats best foe. But as a conservative Catholic, I disapprove his getting divorced and remarried, his support to the rainbow abomination, and his obvious taste for money and luxury.
    His abandoning the anti-abortion cause, is another disappointment. I think it is due to pure political opportunism. He has joined the ranks of those “conservative” politicians who think the social conservative positions are a liability. Also, he probably wants to lower the level of fury of the left against him and thus survive the sham trials waged against him.
    Although I’d love to see the shameful attacks of the democrats against D. Trump fail utterly, I am always in favour of voting for a truly Christian candidate, even if he or she has no chance of winning. It is high time that supposedly conservative politicians ceased taking our votes for granted and betraying us as soon as they are in power.

  5. Irene says:

    I was sick inside when I heard Trumps words of showing he was backing away from being a strong PRO-LIFE candidate for President. What he said about Florida & then saying it was a mistake not to have Abortions available in ARIZONA! I am on the fence here. Biden is the absolute worst we could have. He has embraced Evil. Praying on it. 🙏

  6. John Rigler says:

    Ufortunately, not voting for Trump will help assure that Biden will get re-elected, giving us four more years of the most abortion loving President ever. Seems more prudent and moral to vote for Trump, the lesser of two evils. With Trump, we stand a chance to get him to change. No chance with Biden.

  7. Mick Michieli-Beasley says:

    Aisle not isle—I loathe when I see words used incorrectly —when you wrote “isle” instead of “aisle” it hurts my eyes and your intelligence.
    I will never vote for any politician who compromises the right to life.
    Jesus 2024

  8. RosaVera says:

    President Trump is blaming us and he is most
    likely right..! Do we go out of our comfort zone to rallies, knock on door, volunteer for pro life candidates, etc..?! No… we took a breath and said we can relax RoevWade is over..! Not the opposition, their mastiffs went out and doubled down. You blame President Trump, and you are blaming him wrong.! He is still the only candidate we as pro-lifers can trust.
    Stop writing these anti-Trump articles. What are you doing to make sure pro-life candidates get elected..?

  9. David Wilmot says:

    Unfortunately, people will get abortions, legal or illegal. Rather than the mess created by state-hopping, I’d rather government remain neutral on the matter and we work at convincing women not to have one.

  10. Pamela Menera says:

    I disagree. A Trump Presidency would never weaponize the DOJ against prolifers. No one candidate will stop abortion, it is a spiritual battle and begins in hearts of women… It would be a disaster for our country if this administration is reelected. There is no other choice. To not vote is suicidal.

  11. Jane says:

    If a real President, like Donald J Trump, wins 2024, we have a chance for human life. If Biden or Kennedy get elected, they have both vowed to kill babies up to and even after birth. No REAL Catholic Christian can vote anyone other than DJT! TRUMP 2024!! Save the baby humans!

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