Son pleads with court: Let my mother live

By Sarah Quale — Two brothers in New York are battling for the fate of their mother, Arline Lester. One is fighting for her life and the other, her hastened death. New video evidence and a handwritten plea reveal Arline wants to live, but that decision is now in the hands of a judge.


Update: Arline Lester was forcibly euthanized on Thursday, January 16th. Our latest update has more details on what happened in this tragic case.

91-year-old Arline Lester of Long Island, New York, wants to live, despite her respirator and feeding tube, and said so in a video presented to the Nassau County (NY) Court by her son Edward. Edward is battling his brother who says his mother’s living will, drafted in the 1990s, expresses her desire not to be kept alive by artificial means. He brought the case before the court to ask for sole guardianship over his mother so he can have Arline’s feeding tube and respirator disconnected, which would lead to her starvation and suffocation. But Edward has produced recent evidence that, he says, supersedes his mother’s original living will and shows her health is improving. And Arline herself has expressed very clearly that she wants to live.

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In this video, recorded in November, 2019, at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, Arline mouths “I want to stay alive,” and nods her agreement with several life-affirming statements made by Edward.

Before Nassau County Court Judge Julianne Capetola issued a gag order on Monday, forbidding the brothers from speaking to the media about the case, a family member indicated that Arline “is able to communicate her wants and needs through shaking her head.” But on New Year’s Day, her 91st birthday, Arline regained her speech.

The following video, filmed over the weekend, was made available to the Personhood Alliance before the gag order went into effect. The video shows Arline alert and speaking on her own. When asked if she is in pain, she shakes her head no and clearly says, “Thank you.”

Edward told a local ABC News reporter, “You can have respiratory failure and improve and be back to normal. You can have a feeding tube and improve and be back to normal.” Edward explained that his mother recently had her leg amputated, but that amputation is not fatal. “She wants to live and we’re here to see that she does.” He also told the reporter that his mother made him power of attorney in November and “wrote 17 times on a piece of paper that she wants to revoke that 1991 living will.”

Arline was also recently evaluated as mentally capable of making her own decisions.

Both brothers are being heard during trial all this week in Nassau County Court.

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Sarah Quale is president of Personhood Alliance Education, the educational arm of the Personhood Alliance, and the author of the Foundations online pro-life curriculum. She is a member of the International Christian Visual Media Association and Christian Women in Media and is the founder of Educe® online learning.

10 comments on “Son pleads with court: Let my mother live

  1. WAHJR says:

    There is no doubt in my mind somewhere, in this case, the crux of the matter is money, What a shame children and siblings are forced to choose between life and money. Clearly, the choice should be life, but this world is full of selfish people disguised as being practical. Let this poor woman live out her life in the most natural and humane way possible without counting pennies. Where there is life there is hope.

    1. Sarah Quale says:


  2. Francis Kuhn says:

    It is for God to decide when He will call this Lady from this world. It is NOT for a Judge to decide. That Judge does not have any power over life and death.

  3. Robin says:

    It’s obvious in the above video that Mrs Lester is alert and able to communicate. There is no question that her clear wishes should be respected. To remove this dear woman’s feeding tube would be murder, pure and simple!

  4. Mariann Clauss says:

    Arline Lester rescinded her long ago directive. She is alert and speaking and wants to live. To starve her to death would be murder. God help this merciless society.

  5. Lin says:

    This lady has every right to rescind her advance directives at any time. Even if she was a hospice patient she could change her mind and ask for life saving measures. They should certainly follow her wishes.

  6. Christy Oates says:

    We are pleading for the life of Arline Lester. She wants to live, please follow her request.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      Thank you, Christy!

  7. Patricia Peirson says:

    Please choose life. Arline Lester’s life and spiritual journey are not yet over. Her desire to live should be enough to guide the final decision. No matter her age or physical state, she is still a human being. Honor her essential humanity with compassion and the science and medicine necessary for her well-being and comfort.

    1. Sarah Quale says:

      Amen, Patricia!

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