Surry County NC Passes a Personhood Resolution

Contact: Les Riley – president, Personhood Alliance,, or Gualberto Garcia Jones – Executive Director

Surry county became the 6th county in NC to pass a Personhood Resolution making it a sanctuary for unborn children.

Chairman Eddie Harris read the Resolution for Life to a packed courtroom on Monday night but had to stop twice as he got choked up being overwhelmed with emotion. Before reading the resolution Chairman Harris stated:

I am delighted that we have decided to honor the sanctity of life, and that all human beings from the preborn until death are important. I think there has been too much cheapening of human life in our country. I think it is a shame and I think it is a disgrace on our nation.

Surry County Commissioners Chairman Eddie Harris

He finally called for a vote and the measure passed unanimously just as it has in every county that has voted on it.

During the open forum comments, pastors and community leaders lined up to weigh in on the topic.

Every last person spoke in favor of the resolution to respect human life and eliminate the practice of abortion in their county and when the vote was completed the room burst into a raucous celebration of cheers, high fives, and clapping.

Personhood NC and several community and pro-life leaders in Surry approached the board of commissioners with the resolution in November. And it took until mid January to get the issue added to the agenda. One of the commissioners mentioned the influence that came from his own pastor who had preached on the Sanctity of life.

Chairman Eddie Harris spoke during the meeting about his hope that the vote would place pressure on the legislature in Raleigh to alter NC state law.

North Carolina has seen the largest year over year percentage increase of abortions of any state in the Union. Abortion tourism is alive and well in NC. But local pro-life activists hope that the passing of local sanctuary resolutions will help to mitigate the rampant increase by focusing local governments on offering alternatives to abortion and making it more and more difficult for child killing to take place within their jurisdiction.

You can read the full resolution on page 5 of the February 6th meeting minutes:,%202023.pdf

6 comments on “Surry County NC Passes a Personhood Resolution

  1. Max Tovar says:

    Thank you for everything you guys do up there. Where can we get a copy of this legislation so that we can mimic it at Florida?

    1. personhood_admin says:

      Hi Max,
      You can find the resolution on page 5 of the official minutes of the meeting. Here’s the link:,%202023.pdf
      I will also put the link in the story. Please keep us posted and let us know if you need any help in Florida!

  2. S Walsh says:

    Please make ADOPTION AFORDABLE THAT MANY COUPLES CAN/WILL CHOOSE ADOPTION TO SUPPORT LIFE! If a mother cannot carry the child full term let the child be taken by c- section and loved till old enough to go to a home with loving parents!

  3. Pauline Cyr says:

    We need to get every states to follow what North Carolina is doing.
    Remember that Joe Biden our so called President does not follow that babies deserve Life not death! Thank you North Carolina!

  4. Mrs. Roselyn. Watson says:

    Praise the Lord! Let me say without a shadow of a doubt God will bless you for standing up and being counted for the truth of Gods Word. May you all prosper in the Lord. God bless you all. Xxx 🙋‍♀️💕🙏🙏🙏

  5. Jerry Schmidt says:

    Prolife well done!
    Thank You!!!!

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