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The missed opportunity of the Personhood documentary

By Daniel Gump — The documentary Personhood: Policing Pregnant Women in America had many opportunities to unite those of vastly different ideological backgrounds on flaws in the criminal justice system, disparities in treatment among different demographics, and how to better help vulnerable women during their pregnancies. Unfortunately, the film resorted to easily debunked claims, fear-mongering, and outright deception.

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Before Roe, personhood had a solid legal foundation

By Daniel Gump — The budding science of embryology and the growing underground abortion industry helped form America’s first state-level criminal abortion laws in the early 1800s. But it was the American Medical Association, an educational campaign, and the Fourteenth Amendment that helped declare the personhood of pre-born children in the laws of 21 states and mark abortion as “a crime against persons.”

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Can a woman be prosecuted for aborting her child?

By guest author Daniel Gump — After frequent and inflammatory rhetoric surrounding fetal heartbeat legislation that claimed women could be prosecuted for abortion, and even miscarriage, it became clear that research into maternal liability was needed. Can a woman actually be prosecuted for aborting her child? What do our current federal and state-level abortion laws say, and what about the courts? The answers might surprise you.

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