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Breaking: US Supreme Court Rules Against Pro-Life Docs in Chemical Abortion Case

Supreme Court Rules Pro-Life Doctors Cannot Challenge FDA on Abortion Drug Regulations

Understanding Justice Alito’s Dissent to the Abortion Pill Ruling

US Supreme Court overrules Texas District Court judge, allows abortion pill to continue killing babies during appeals process.

Big Week for Court Battles Against Abortion

The nationwide court battle over abortion will see its biggest week since June of last year when Roe v Wade was overturned.

All Eyes on Texas Chemical Abortion Case

The FDA, at the direction of President Biden, has been removing all regulations for the drug mifepristone, a chemical invented with the sole purpose of starving the developing baby to death in his or her mother’s womb.
Soon, one judge in the Federal District Court in Amarillo Texas will decide the fate of Biden’s push for chemical abortion.

Abortion Pills Are Flooding the US Knowingly Aided by the USPS and the Biden Admin

Abortion pills are flooding the US as licensed and underground distribution networks take advantage of the green light from the Biden admin.

Hundreds of Thousands of Unborn American Babies’ Lives Depend on the Outcome of this Lawsuit

A Texas federal court hears arguments that could reverse the FDA approval of the abortion pill saving hundreds of thousands of preborn babies and their mothers.

Post-Roe is here: COVID-19 and efforts to ban abortion

By Sarah Quale — The abortion industry is calling states’ efforts to temporarily halt abortions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic “a little peek through a post-Roe window.” They’re prepared for battle. Are we?

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Abortion on campus: California’s SB24 and the dangers to our daughters

By guest author Deborah Riffenburgh — California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed SB24 into law, which mandates that public college campuses provide the abortion pill to students to “remove barriers to reproductive health.” Perhaps it’s easy for us in the pro-life movement to pass this off as just one more indicator that California has lost its collective mind.  But there’s more to it—so very much more.

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Game-changer questions every pro-lifer should ask about the Guttmacher report

By Sarah Quale — Now that the celebrations surrounding the latest Guttmacher abortion report have settled down, it’s time to look past the rhetoric on both sides and uncover what’s really going on. May this discovery be a wake-up call for you and I to begin to proactively address the realities on the ground.

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