men and abortion

Remembering Baby Roe and the fight for fathers’ rights

By Deborah Stilt — Many of our supporters followed the case of Ryan Magers, a father who sued on behalf of his pre-born child who was killed through abortion. A year ago, on October 30, 2020, Magers lost his final battle in the Alabama Supreme Court.  However, the case was historic, not only in the fight for recognition of fathers’ rights, but in the struggle to re-establish legal personhood of the pre-born.

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The Men’s March: Repent and Be Men of God

By Deborah Stilt — On June 12, 2021, men from across America will gather together for the first-ever National Men’s March, calling for an end to the government-sanctioned killing of pre-born children made in the image of God.

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Men and abortion: The paternal paradox

By Sarah Quale — No uterus, no opinion? Not so fast. Men’s roles in abortion are varied, and society’s standards for fathers and men’s voices are contradictory and complex. To understand their involvement in abortion, and the repercussions that result, we need to examine the paternal paradox…

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