Senator Tuberville Continues to Stand Strong Against Biden’s Pro-Abortion Pentagon

Senator Tommy Tuberville continues holding the line for preborn babies as he resists mounting pressures to release his hold on en-masse military confirmations.

Senator Tommy Tuberville Flexes Legislative Muscle Against Pentagon’s Abortion Funding

Senator Tuberville stands firm against Biden’s woke pro-abortion pentagon.

A high cost: Religious freedom and COVID vaccines in the military

By Deborah Riffenburgh — Today, as America celebrates the founding of our great nation and the liberties we enjoy, let us remember our military brothers and sisters who remain in the trenches, fighting for religious freedom from mandated COVID vaccines. One soldier’s battle against these mandates is a costly one for his career and for his family. 

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COVID vaccines: Purging pro-life Christians from the U.S. military

By Deborah Riffenburgh — Across America, thousands of pro-life Christian service members are being persecuted and purged from the military for refusing to accept an abortion-derived COVID vaccine. Even though we ask these men and women to put their lives on the line to protect our fundamental rights, including our religious freedom, our government is denying theirs. What does this mean for our military? For our nation?

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