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Alabama Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling Protecting Embryonic Children Created Through IVF

Alabama Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling Protecting Embryonic Children Created Through IVF

Ohio: Heartless Heartland

As one state after another embraces the killing of children in the womb, pro-lifers must reconsider their campaign strategies.

The Chamber of Commerce Wing of the GOP Wants to Jettison Pro-Lifers

Chamber of Commerce RINO republicans attempt to jettison pro-life position from the party platform.

I am now ashamed of our country

Every day in America thousands of innocent defenseless preborn children are murdered in their mother’s womb because they are believed to be too great a burden to bare up under.

Ohio Votes to Protect the Right to Life

Ohio Votes to Protect the Right to Life

Anatomy of a Lie: What Team DeSantis Really Said About Abortion in a Secret Donor Meeting

The explosive allegations by Trump surrogates against Governor DeSantis prove to be wholly unsupported by the leaked DeSantis donor strategy call.

Pro-Lifer Who Was Terrorized by the FBI and DOJ Testifies Before Congress

Mark Houck testifies before congress, details federal government persecution of pro-life families.

South Carolina Pro-Lifers Deliver Anatomical Models of Spines to Spineless Republicans

South Carolina Pro-Lifers delivered an anatomically correct model of a human spine to urge pro-abortion Republican Senator Tom Davis to support the Human Life Protection Act.

The town that started the Civil War

By Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq. — In the 1850s, Christians in Oberlin, Ohio, were motivated by the fear of God’s just judgment to defy the federal government and refuse to cooperate with the unjust Fugitive Slave Act. Their courageous actions couldn’t be more timely for pro-life Christians, as we witness the crumbling of our country’s moral foundation after multiple decades of judicially-mandated relativism.

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What really happened in the blocking of Alabama’s abortion law?

By Sarah Quale — U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson’s decision to block Alabama’s abortion law was the last in a series of court injunctions that stopped all state-level first-trimester abortion restrictions passed in the last year. These injunctions were expected as part of a larger pro-life strategy to put an end to Roe. But if that is the goal, why did the Alabama attorney general argue in support of the central holdings of Roe?

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