The good, bad, and ugly of the Texas Heartbeat Act

By Deborah Stilt — The Texas Heartbeat Act has caused chaos in the abortion industry and wild celebration in the pro-life movement. But what exactly is in the law, why did the Supreme Court refuse to obstruct it, and will temporary gains bring long-term protection to pre-born children in Texas?

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Austin, Texas, funds abortion instead of police

By AJ Dominque III — Proponents of the “Defund the Police” movement spreading in Democrat-run cities across the country have added a new component to their mission to “reimagine policing”—diverting funds from police departments to help fund abortion-related costs.

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More pro-lifers arrested as abortion industry capitalizes on COVID-19

By Deborah Stilt — The COVID-19 pandemic is surging forward, threatening the medically vulnerable and greatly impacting the lives of people across the country and around the world. Schools and businesses are closed. Routine medical procedures are being delayed or cancelled. Yet abortion facilities are still open—some in direct defiance of orders to close. And in a backwards turn of events, pro-lifers following social distancing guidelines are being arrested or threatened with arrest for offering help and hope to moms and dads at risk for abortion.

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ACLU lawsuit shows wisdom in personhood’s alternative approach to sanctuary cities

By Sarah Quale — The pro-life sanctuary city movement in America includes multiple factions using different strategies to achieve the same goal—to protect pre-born children from abortion in our own communities, while exerting the constitutional right to self-governance by defying the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade. However, a recent ACLU lawsuit against seven sanctuary cities in Texas is exposing the vulnerabilities in Texas’s strategy and showing the effectiveness of an alternative approach.

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