Petition prompts Florida AG to investigate abortion facility in Pornhub trafficking case

By Sarah Quale — The Personhood Alliance petitioned Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to investigate the abortion facility at the heart of a disturbing case in Broward County in 2019, which involved Christopher Johnson and a 15-year-old victim whose assaults he allegedly recorded and uploaded to Pornhub and other similar sites. As a direct result of our petition and initial report, the investigation into the abortion facility’s role in this case is now moving forward.

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Above the law: America’s abortion-trafficking-pornography enterprise

By Sarah Quale — News has resurfaced about the 15-year-old girl in Florida who was repeatedly assaulted on videos that were uploaded to Pornhub and who was then taken for an abortion to cover up the crime. Her trafficker has been charged, and Pornhub is now under international scrutiny, but what about the abortion facility? The Personhood Alliance is petitioning Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody to investigate whether the abortion facility willfully ignored Florida’s Parental Notice of Abortion Act and failed to comply with federal and state mandatory reporting laws that require they alert authorities to suspected child abuse and trafficking.

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Abortion and rape: Responding with facts and compassion

By Sarah Quale — What about abortion in cases of rape and incest? It’s an emotional question that’s often used to stump pro-lifers and force us to concede that, in some cases, abortion might actually be the right thing to do. But we need to ask ourselves: Is abortion really the compassionate solution we’re led to believe it is? What do the victims of sexual assault say? Are we listening to them? Are we protecting them? And finally, what can we do as individuals to advocate for them?

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