Ohio: Heartless Heartland

As one state after another embraces the killing of children in the womb, pro-lifers must reconsider their campaign strategies.

Battle Over Abortion in Virginia: Radical Pro-Abortion Democrats vs. Moderately Pro-life Republicans

Political battle over abortion in Virginia ends in a stalemate where babies are still unprotected.

Virginia Judge Rules That Human Embryos are “Chattel” Citing 1800’s Slave Regulation

Virginia court rules that embryonic children are “chattel” property that can be “valued and sold.”

Restoring religious vaccine exemptions in Virginia

By Deborah Riffenburgh — The moment a COVID-19 public health emergency was declared in Virginia, all religious exemptions to vaccines became null and void, forcing thousands to choose between following their conscience and obeying the law. Thankfully, two medical freedom bills have been filed in the state to restore the right to opt out of mandated vaccines and reinstate religious freedom. This fight in Virginia is poised to influence the nation. Citizens across the country must be vigilant.

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COVID-19, the pro-life movement, and our constitutional rights

By Deborah Riffenburgh — Selective targeting of sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters for arrest during the COVID-19 public health crisis is a violation of the constitutional rights of assembly, free speech, and religion. Yet, this is happening across the country, and we must demand it stop.

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