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Uniting to have a national impact

Many times, the average pro-lifer feels like no one is listening, that they can’t make a difference, that the assaults on human life and human dignity are obstacles either too big to conquer or too complex for non-attorneys to understand. So we delegate the battle against abortion to others. Unfortunately, too many pro-life organizations have abandoned real, uncompromising grassroots activism in favor of becoming part of the political establishment. Politicians, in turn, have abdicated the sovereign right of self-government to judges and the administrative state. 

The Personhood Alliance rejects this paradigm and seeks to engage in peaceful activities that defend the personhood of all human beings, without exception, and unite our state affiliates to have a national impact.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr.


Life begins at fertilization. Our legislative efforts at the federal level must acknowledge this scientific (and biblical) foundation. Yet, after almost 50 years of legalized abortion, we’ve fallen significantly short. Whether a Human Life Amendment (HLA), a Life at Conception Act, or a bill to deny taxpayer funding for the abortion industry, our national focus must do nothing less than affirm the inalienable right to life for all humans, in all stages, and in all circumstances. Contact your state affiliate to get involved.


The American bureaucracy is a tangled, ineffective mess that the culture of death relies on for its funding, power, and corruption. Through the petition process and other means, you can help your state affiliate establish human personhood in federal regulations, call upon presidential powers, and end forced taxpayer participation in the destruction of human life, from embryonic research to abortion to assisted suicide.


Roe v. Wade was decided nearly 115 years after the SCOTUS issued the infamous Dred Scott v. Sanford opinion. Though eventually overturned, both cases resulted in unjust rulings. Perhaps more importantly, both decisions represent a fundamentally flawed view of the role of the courts—a view that the pro-life movement has not properly attacked. The theory of judicial supremacy, or the idea that it is the Supreme Court’s job to exclusively, unilaterally, and permanently determine issues of public policy, was the most hotly debated issue before the start of the American Civil War.

Abortion on demand is a reality in America today because We the People have allowed the courts to abrogate a power which they do not rightfully posses.

Combating judicial supremacy and judicial tyranny are at the core of the personhood legal strategy.  We promote litigation that challenges not only rulings like Roe v. Wade, but also the judicial philosophy that makes such decisions possible. We also support legislation and elected officials that actively and openly defy these oppressive legal constructs, much like Abraham Lincoln defied Dred Scott v. Sanford.

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