The Men’s March: Repent and Be Men of God

By Deborah Riffenburgh — On June 12, 2021, men from across America will gather together for the first-ever National Men’s March, calling for an end to the government-sanctioned killing of pre-born children made in the image of God.


Every aborted child has a father

For too long now, men have been told they have no say when it comes to whether their pre-born children live or die. And worse—they have believed it. In accepting this lie, men have shirked their God-given responsibility to safeguard the family and have, instead, been complicit in the deaths of their own sons and daughters.

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By Angela Forker, After the Abortion Photography Series

The Men’s March is the first step in a national men’s movement that strives to unite men, call them to repentance, and return to God’s design for men as protectors, defenders, husbands, and fathers.

Thousands of children are being murdered every day, under our watch. Now is the time to invite men to really face that—to repent and begin again with God. What are we going to do going forward?”  

– Jim Havens, Men’s March organizer

Men are silenced because their voices are powerful

A significant contributing factor in whether a woman chooses to take the life of her child through abortion is whether she feels the father will stand by her in raising their child. Demanding that men stay silent, insisting that they not have an opinion regarding the life and death of the child they helped create (except to support that child’s death), is to demand that they be cowards, immoral, or both.

And cowards are not what God created men to be.

Men were created, by design, with inherent purpose. They possess courage and conviction imbued in their souls by God Himself. Men are called to lead in righteousness and with strength of character. To be honorable. To protect and provide for their wives and children.

To emasculate men with the lie that it’s “her body, her choice” leaves men feeling powerless and worthless, because legally, there’s nothing they can do to stop their own flesh and blood from being killed.

It’s time for men to take back their power. It’s time for them to lead and take their rightful place as husbands, fathers, and protectors.

“There is something very important about this first event. Something very powerful about the men that are called and drawn together. We live in this time and this is what we are facing – the Lord wants to use us.” – Jim Havens

The Men’s March

Organized by Jim Havens, founder of Love Will End Abortion, and Father Stephen Imbarrato, a post-abortive father and Catholic priest, the Men’s March hearkens back to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. In the tradition of the early Civil Rights movement, men will gather, dressed in suits, with a sense of dignity and professionalism. The vision is one of men “at their best,” locked arm-in-arm, singing traditional hymns; united together, standing up as men to protect the most innocent, the most defenseless.

No signs will be held. Just one simple banner will express the clear, unified message:

“Let’s Stop Murdering Our Pre-born Children”

A true, grassroots effort

The Men’s March will be held Saturday, June 12, 2021, in Washington, D.C. Participants will gather at 11:00 am Eastern time outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic Abortion Center (2112 F Street NW) and then march to the White House. Featured speakers will include Msgr. Charles Pope, Rev. Walter B. Hoye II, Michael Hichborn, Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, and Dr. Michael New.

The closest airport is Reagan National (DCA). All men are encouraged to get the word out and do what it takes to be there.

“It is a grace of the Holy Spirit that the Lord is stirring this up at this time, and it is for a reason. We are relying on other people to catch this vision and promote it. There are a lot of men who, when they first hear about this, know that they want to be there. Please consider any obstacle you have to being there and pray about it – maybe there’s a path to overcome.” – Jim Havens

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Deborah Riffenburgh is the vice president of Personhood Alliance Education and the social media coordinator for the Personhood Alliance. She has been active in pro-life media and foster care advocacy for several years. But most importantly, she’s a California mom who is fighting against the lies of our culture and for the protection of every human being without exception.

12 comments on “The Men’s March: Repent and Be Men of God

  1. Josephine Stack-Alaska says:

    Let us pour our prayers and Rosaries into this event, for the Holy Spirit is infusing courage, love and forgiveness into these men. Please let them know that families, and women all over America are marching with you in this truly important Spiritual battle for lives, and for families.

  2. Margaret Pattinson says:

    Great to hear that men are taking responsibility and joining to support pro-lifers.
    What a beautiful poem too.

    God Bless.
    Margaret : Scotland UK

  3. Nancy Sternberg says:

    Much, much better than the Women’s march. God be with you.

  4. Smetro says:

    This is AWESOME! Am SO in support of this march, and, as a grandMOTHER could only offer support on the sidelines, would guess, but am not able to go, unfortunately, at this time. Had hoped to participate in the March for Life, originally schedule in January, however, and will surely PRAY for these people, the march, for safety, and that hearts will be changed. Kudos!

  5. Wonderful idea. My prayers with all of the men who will be in attendance. At The Bridge to Life, Women’s Support Center, we love having the fathers show up.
    I met Jim and his lovely family witnessing outside PP in Sarasota, FL. God bless all you and Father do for His children.

  6. Wendy Dillon says:

    I pray that many men will be stirred to join in. What a worthwhile thing to do!

  7. dinah proctor says:

    Wonderfull we might be seeing Men like real men in charge , God Bless d p.

  8. Sam walsh says:

    Praise God and prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Joseph for good men to stand and speak out

  9. Marita Goering says:


      My Child!

      Before the dawn of Creation, I thought of you,

      Before the dawn of Creation, I thought of you,

      Before the mist blew through the heavens, I thought of you;

      Before the blue water cascaded down the mountainsides, I thought of you;

      Before the first minnow jumped in a brook, I thought of you;

      For you, my pet, are the jewel of My creation.

      Before the dawn of Creation, I had a plan for you.

      Your eyes are the color of a small sparrow’s wing,

      Your skin is as dark as the coal in the earth;

      And again, your eyes are azure blue,

      Your skin is brown like My mother’s.

      I had a plan for you from the dawn of Creation.

      For centuries the grass blew softly on the great prairies.

      Sometimes as softly as you breathe –

      And the grass was waiting for you;

      Yes, before the first crocus smiled at Me, I thought of your smile.

      I will remember you into Eternity.

      When the mist blows in the heavens no more, I will be with you;

      When the blue water cascades down the mountains no more,

      I will be with you;

      When the pine trees sprout forth no more, I will remember you.

      My beautiful, My beloved! What are they doing to you?

      My pet, My creation! What are they doing to you?

      You lie on the table alone, You breathe so hard;

      Will they not wash you with the blue waters of My mountains?

      Your breathing is becoming so still, like the grass on the

      prairies in a great calm.

      My Child, I am thinking of you.

      My beautiful, My beloved! What are they doing to you?

      My pet, My creation! What are they doing to you?

      Your little fingers are so small and soft, like a pussy willow’s bud;

      The steel from the cold earth;

      Why do they press it to your soft new flesh with such great force?

      My child, My thought is never removed from you.

      My child, My beautiful! What are they doing to you?

      With the suction, like a hurricane, they pull and tear you;

      Your little legs will never walk, until you run with Me.

      The salt in your mouth, when you were to sing for Me!

      The salt in your lungs, you who were to yell of your love for Me!

      Before the dawn of Creation, I thought of you,

      I love you.

      I will love you all of eternity.

      -Charles Goering

    Regards: The Jewel of My Creation

    This verse was written December 1975 and first printed in The Minnesota DAILY; thereafter, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, etc., 30 million copies and counting. The message is what the writer thinks Jesus Christ might say and share w asith each of His unborn children being aborted.

  10. Sonja Bowlin says:

    That March is awesome. Praise God for this effort to fight against the murder of our unborn children.. God bless all these men who are involved. Whether marching or praying. God bless you!!!

  11. C says:

    Thank you for doing this.
    Please also add a share button to make it easy to share this event!!

  12. Loural Hunter miera says:

    Thank you and blessings

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