Transgender You Are Not

A reader gives us advice in dealing with those struggling with gender dysphoria
By Doris Dippel


A friend’s daughter has gone the route of transgenderism (TG). She claims to be a male.

Her transition began long ago with her wearing pants and shirts, never skirted or ruffly apparel. Following puberty, she bound her breasts tightly to disguise them and wore her hair very short, though it was always styled attractively. 

When she turned 18 and was considered an adult, she went even farther. She had bilateral mastectomies and began taking testosterone to induce masculinization of her body features. She is determined to be a man!

In today’s confused society did anybody counsel this young woman about accepting her female gender as a gift from God? Did anyone explain the downward spiral her life and body will take as she pursues surgeries and chemical therapy to revoke her femininity?

Perhaps someone tried to help her, but did anybody tell her that what she is doing to her body is irreversible? Without breasts she will never nurse an infant if she regrets her decision down the road?

Worse yet, the long-term risks of a female taking testosterone include infertility, sexual dysfunction, a cardiac event, endometrial cancer, endometrial cancer, vaginal and uterine atrophy, and frequent urinary tract infections. Didn’t anyone warn her?

How many similar cases occur in the US today? A whole generation of young women is being inundated with propaganda that makes gender identity as a male a way to join the ‘in’ crowd. It starts as a fad—and who doesn’t remember being a teen and adopting the going fad? It’s something kids do as they transition to adulthood.

But TG is much more serious than a passing fad. Giggly girls are led to mutilate their bodies as well as their minds. It ruins their futures without relieving their anxieties and emotional desire for belonging.

Why didn’t someone take this girl into their arms and tell her how beautiful she was just as God created her? That she was loved for who she was without any alteration?

Instead, our society is taking the minds and hearts of our precious youth and adulterating them! Their lives will be wrecked forever!

From whence comes this confusion? Recall in early in the 20th century, the teaching of evolution in our schools was boldly accepted, thereby obliterating the fact that God is our Creator.

With Him out of the way, during the ’60s America banned prayer and Bible reading in her schools and outlawed the Ten Commandments. Truth originates in God and without His word as a standard, our society is paying the price with confusion and its outcomes. Good has become bad and bad has become good! Our kids are paying the price for bad decisions made by past generations!

Their only shield is the truth found in the Bible and in personal faith in Jesus Christ. Who will commit to making those truths known to a generation floundering in deception? God was excluded from our society intentionally. We turned our backs on Him, the One on whom our nation was founded. Who will stand up for Him now and rescue our kids, victims of our terrible offense?

It’s up to us, folks! Are we willing to step up to the challenge? You and I are part of that answer. It’s high time God is elevated to His rightful place in our nation! Without HIM, we are lost!

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