Yes, even CNN can help us get to the “heart” of the matter

By Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq.,— A heated debate took place yesterday on CNN between Rick Santorum and Chris Cuomo that exemplifies why personhood is at the heart of the battle to end abortion.  The topic of conversation for the segment was supposed to be the passage of yet another heartbeat law, but it quickly spiraled into a discussion of judicial supremacy, the rule of law, and the personhood of the pre-born child.

In typical pro-abortion fashion, the argument against the heartbeat laws was framed by the host with a statement that unrestricted abortion is the law of the land, set in stone by the almighty Supreme Court.  However, when confronted with the brutal reality that abortion kills a living human being the pro-aborts returned to the old catch-all argument: the baby, while maybe human, is legally not a person and therefore cannot enjoy the right to life or equality in any significant way.

“If you don’t like Roe that’s one thing,” stated CNN host Chris Cuomo, “but for a state to codify something that they know violates the federal standard! What do you make of that?”

Rick Santorum’s answer was to point out, just like we have on this blog, that marijuana laws and sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants are violating the federal standard all over the country and that it is perfectly legitimate, and in fact necessary, for the different branches of government to push back against actions by the other branches that they disagree with.

Of course, this didn’t satisfy the pro-abortion host. “You don’t believe in the Supreme Court? You don’t believe it is the supreme law of the land?” responded a visibly perplexed Cuomo.

The phrasing of that question shows the profound misunderstanding of the Constitution by the progressive left and its mouthpieces in the media.  It is the Constitution of the United States, not the Supreme Court, that is supreme. In fact, as the Declaration of Independence proves, even the Constitution is only supreme and legitimate as long as it upholds the inalienable natural rights it was instituted to protect, namely the right to life, liberty and the property.  And yet the progressive abortion-loving left ignores this in favor of the idea of an ever-evolving constitution, constantly being redrafted by a tyrannical Supreme Court that is making the list of abuses perpetrated by King George look like child’s play.

But the most interesting part of the exchange occurred when Rick Santorum defended himself against the tired claim that he must not care about the well-being of women.  Santorum stated the gruesome but obvious fact that a baby dies during an abortion. To which the fake Catholic Chris Cuomo retorted that a baby in the womb, while human, is not a person.

In the end, this short segment does a really good job of exemplifying the last 45 years of the American abortion holocaust. Those who promote the killing of pre-born children for convenience and for the sake of a libertine lifestyle have rejected any consistent interpretation of the Constitution so they can dehumanize pre-born children. There is no possible legal strategy that will convince these people, who are happy to distort and destroy the rule of law,  to reject abortion on demand.

Ultimately, the act of intentional abortion is not a question of law, it is a question of good versus evil. It is a question of the desire and will of the American people to live in a nation with ordered liberty, rather than a nation ruled by the dictatorship of relativism governed by a tyrannical judiciary.

Perhaps it is time that we disengage from the subterfuge of constantly shifting legal standards and return to the core issue, which is contained in the first three words of the preamble to the United States Constitution.  It is We the People who are sovereign, not a totalitarian Supreme Court. And until We the People truly push back against the blatant injustice of judicially imposed abortion, babies will continue to be legally murdered all across America.

It is time to stop playing by the abortion regime’s rules.

Gualberto Garcia Jones, Esq., is the president of the Personhood Alliance and a licensed attorney in the commonwealth of Virginia. He is a human rights advisor to the Holy See Mission to the Organization of American States and works in Washington DC to stop the expansion of abortion in Latin America.

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